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4 brands that rock on social media and what you can learn from them

By Julie Miller

Keep these social media events in mind as your PR efforts head into 2018.

Mapping out your social media strategy for 2018? If you’re ready to step up your game next year, take a look at how some of the biggest brands use social media to increase engagement and improve ROI. Here are companies that are excelling on social media and some takeaways for social media managers.

Personality: Wendy’s

Throughout 2017, Wendy’s generated buzz for its bold, sassy approach to social media. Serving up Twitter clapbacks to its competitors and naysayers, the company certainly takes some risks with its social media – and its risky approach has turned the company into a social media all-star. People engage with the account for humor and entertainment, and once they’re following, they get a social-media side of promotional tweets about burgers and fries.

Takeaway for social media managers: Be personable and humorous. Take risks.

Great content: CVS and Lowe’s

CVS Pharmacy continuously shares engaging multimedia on social media. What sets CVS apart? While some brands may settle for a static photo, CVS includes different animations to communicate ideas about how followers can use products they buy at CVS. Like CVS, Lowe’s does a great job of creating animated content to promote its products – particularly for use in DIY projects

Takeaway for social media managers: Think movement. Inexpensive online tools like Animoto, Ripl and Giphy can help you use more motion in your social media updates.

Blogger engagement: TJ Maxx

With its Maxx50 Challenge, TJ Maxx engages with fashion bloggers. The company selects bloggers and provides them with $50 to see how far the money can stretch. The bloggers take over TJ Maxx’s Instagram stories and often generate other social media content, such as blog posts. As a result, TJ Maxx’s audiences see the brand as casual, authentic and relatable.

Takeaway for social media managers: Think about online influencers who can serve as brand ambassadors for your company and come up with engagement strategies with these audiences.

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