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What President Trump is doing right in media relations and what your company can learn from it

3 smart PR tools to guide you in dealing with news media

There has been much talk recently about President Trump and his very public battles with the news media. His tactics have been mostly unorthodox and his media style seems more shoot-from-the-hip than a comprehensive approach to news coverage. Still, he has done a few things right. With the help of public relations tools, your company can learn from Trump’s methods to develop your own media policy.

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Your company spokesperson messed up. Now what?

Use these PR tips to get back on track

Many executives shy away from any type of public speaking task due to fear of humiliation or embarrassment. However, if you avoid speaking in public, you do a disservice to your company, and you miss out on important opportunities for increased visibility and engagement with vital audiences. With tips and training from public relations, you can learn to correct mistakes or avoid them altogether.

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PR season for tax season is now

Tax, CPA and accounting firms benefit from earned media coverage

Although the official tax season doesn’t start until January, the tax season starts now for news media outlets, journalists and PR firms representing accounting, CPA and tax firms.

To keep the public informed, the number of PR opportunities for tax professionals starts increasing in January due to pending tax deadlines, esp. April 15.

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How to get on Shark Tank

8 tips for a successful pitch

Whether you’re already operating a successful business, you’re a startup or you simply have a fantastic idea and could use some financial backing, the Shark Tank reality show is for you.

Shark Tank, the critically acclaimed business-themed reality show on ABC, has become one of the top reality shows in America. The Sharks – self-made multi-millionaires and billionaires – search to invest in the best businesses and products that America has to offer.

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