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5 tools to make the most of your social media posts

By Lisa Goldsberry

33197115_s.jpgYou have the audience. Now use these PR tactics to take maximum advantage

Social media has become an essential part of doing business today. It’s where your customers are and where they expect you to be. Engaging customers and prospects on social media allows your company to build connections and increase profits, if you do it correctly.

Posting the right content on the appropriate social media platforms at the ideal time is the way to make social media work for you. A public relations firm will help ensure that you hit all the marks, reach your target audience and achieve your social media goals.

What makes a great social media post?

Ultimately, your social media posts should serve to connect with your audience and encourage dialogue so they keep coming back for more. Use these tools to help you get on your way to increased customer partnership.

  1. Quotes and inspirational messages.

Everyone likes to feel good and be inspired. A helpful quote or motivating passage related to your field tends to perform well. Customers will often remember the message, the good feeling and the company that gave it to them.

  1. Polls.

In general, people like to know where they stand in relation to others. Your company can develop relationships by simply asking for opinions. These can be broad, such as questions about your industry, or company specific, like asking for feedback on your new office layout or an upcoming initiative. Be sure to post the results along the way.

  1. Images, infographics and videos.

Customers typically want to know more about the companies they associate with. Additionally, sometimes you can say more with a photo than with text. You can try before-and-after pictures of a new product design, short videos showing different uses for your products or even pictures of your CEO engaging in a fun activity.

  1. Data or statistics related to your field. You gather information about your industry and customers all the time. Social media lets you put this data to good use. Data allows you to demonstrate your company’s knowledge about industry trends and can show off your ability to explain complex ideas in an easy format.
  1. Past news releases and articles.

These can be great sources for social media posts. Your customers may have missed news reports on an issue related to your industry or your last newsletter.

Top six facts to remember about your social media posts

  1. Make them interesting and/or fun.
  2. Post quality over quantity.
  3. Remember your posts should be what customers want to hear, not what you want to say.
  4. Ensure flawless grammar and spelling.
  5. Don’t cross post (put the exact same content on multiple platforms).
  6. Hire a PR agency to help you.

With the right content, social media can amplify your messages and build your online brand presence. The professionals at Axia Public Relations will help you define your social media objectives and integrate these into your overall strategic plan. To learn more, contact us or download our e-book The Essential Social Media Management Guide.

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lisag-new.jpgLisa Goldsberry is a senior blogger for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business and technology PR. Lisa has worked for Axia since December 2013. Learn more about Lisa Goldsberry. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.








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