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Providing a variety of corporate communications

Posted by Jason Mudd



Rayonier hired Axia for public relations strategy and services for the executive and marketing teams. Axia provided spokesperson training and key message development; internal communications, strategic communications, and action plans for the Nassau County Stewardship District; and communications about organizational design and division restructures, employee training, and professional development opportunities.

rayonierSince 2004, Axia Public Relations has provided misc. public relations strategy and services to the executive and marketing communications teams at Rayonier. Our work includes public relations; building community support, providing media relations, spokesperson training and key message development for its real estate development and Southeast Forestry Resources division; internal communications for employees, including corporate executive and administration staff in towers and office parks, as well as for forestry staff in the woods and factory workers in the paper mill; writing a 50th anniversary publication for its employees and neighbors in Jesup, Georgia; providing strategic communications and action plans for its significant Nassau County Stewardship District, including its new community, Wildlight; and communicating and promoting organizational design and division restructures, employee training and professional development programs and opportunities.


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