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Online Reputation Management

Your company's brand is only as strong as its first impression. Our PR firm manages your online image, cleaning up any negativity and putting your best foot forward when consumers are window shopping your company.

Your company is only as strong as its reputation. Reputation management matters.

These days, your website and the internet act as the first handshake between your company and your customers. More than 50% of employers use the Internet to check out applicants. More than 33% of clients first research prospective partners and vendors using web searches. To sustain a solid reputation and attract the people you want and need, protecting your company's name is vital. Your company’s brand persona is every potential client's first impression. Once someone positions your company in a negative light, the effects can topple your online reputation – perhaps fatally.

Act now and develop a strong reputation management strategy before your online presence has a chance to weaken. When maintaining your company’s name, don’t let your defenses down for a moment; back up your company’s reputation with the best defense possible: Axia Public Relations.


Unlike other PR firms and reputation management companies, Axia offers the unique combination of media relations and online reputation management expertise to create and promote positive content that outranks negative content, and in some circumstances, entirely removes negative content.


We get started as soon as you contact us, working hard to push any negative feedback as far back on search engines as possible. Flooding the internet with positive articles, blog entries, and other content about your company counters harmful postings, knocking negative information to the bottom of search engine results. Why is this so effective? Studies show there is less than a 10% probability that a potential client will view results past the third page.

Regain control of the information that appears about your company through search queries. We'll use a variety of search optimization techniques to boost your company’s online reputation and secure the popularity of your website.

PR pros should handle reputation management. For examples of Axia Public Relations’ reputation management program in action, check out these reputation management case studies, this podcast episode, our reputation management e-book, and our reputation management webinar.




of employees would leave a job for a company with a better reputation.

- Corporate Responsibility



of executives say reputation management should be addressed (but only 15% do).

- StatusLabs


or more negative reviews may stop 70% of consumers from buying.

- Moz