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How do we find a PR agency?

By Christie Parhiala

Conducting research and analyzing your needs


A group of people looking at a computer monitor.Finding a PR agency for your company can be difficult. Knowing exactly what kind of PR work you’ll need is the first step in researching companies that would be a great fit for you. Here are some things you should keep in mind when researching an agency:






Why do you need them?

Do you need them for social media management and content creation? Are you in a crisis, and do you need help with media relations? A PR agency can help with writing, market research, reputation management, and much more. Knowing exactly what work you’ll need them for will help you pick the right agency when meeting for your initial consultation. 


What are they known for? 

When you know the services you need a PR agency for, you’ll be able to identify quickly whether you should contact them or not. The majority of agencies have a list of services offered on their website. Look through the websites, and make a list of the agencies you want to contact. There’s no point in contacting someone for a service they don’t provide. 


What is their reputation? Or what have their past clients said about them?

If a PR agency has a bad reputation, would you hire them to manage yours? Probably not. Look at the agency’s Google reviews. Are clients talking about the great experience they had? If you’re seeing negative or no reviews, you might want to find another agency to fit your needs.


Does their price fit within your budget?

Although price is not the main concern when researching companies, it is an essential part of the process. You must first examine the importance of the issue you are dealing with. If it’s urgent and needs to be handled quickly, then you probably won’t have time to negotiate. Remember, the price of PR isn’t immediately recognizable as it takes time to see PR’s impact. 


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Christie Parhiala is a fall intern at Axia Public Relations. She is currently a public relations and marketing student at the University of North Florida. 


Photo by NESA by Makers  from Unsplash.

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