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We frequently blog about the latest public relations corporation communications, and marketing topics, tips, and trends. Our blog is one of the 100 Best Public Relations Blogs for 2023, according to FeedSpot. Please help yourself to our insights and be sure to subscribe to our weekly blog notifications.

Christie Parhiala

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Five Google results that can ruin your career

Knowing what shows up when your name is searched on Google is essential. A future employer or even a customer may read an article or a post about you. Here are five things you should avoid at all costs to save your online reputation:

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Topics: public relations, online public relations, crisis communications

How do we find a PR agency?

Conducting research and analyzing your needs


Finding a PR agency for your company can be difficult. Knowing exactly what kind of PR work you’ll need is the first step in researching companies that would be a great fit for you. Here are some things you should keep in mind when researching an agency:

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Topics: public relations, PR tips

What size photos should I provide my PR agency, media outlets, printers, and other vendors?

Understanding image quality is essential


Sending images to a news outlet or vendor may seem like a simple task, but it’s importance can often be overlooked. The image quality you provide can affect whether or not a reporter chooses to cover your story. 


Images are measured by DPI or dots per inch. A high DPI references a high-quality photo. 

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Topics: media relations, public relations, earned media

Twelve Holiday Gift Ideas For The PR Pro In Your Life

Gift ideas that will simplify everyday life


The holidays are quickly approaching, and you know what that means: It’s time to start shopping for the perfect gift. If you know someone who works in public relations, strategic communications, corporate communications, or marketing, this list is for you! All items included are rated at least four out of five stars, and we might earn referral credit if you buy some of these products from the affiliate links we provided below.

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Topics: public relations

Ten things your competitors can teach you about PR

Why you should analyze every aspect of your competition


Knowing what your competitors are doing can put you ahead in your industry. Here are some things you can learn from your competitors:

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Topics: public relations, PR tips, online public relations

Why is PR important in building brands?

Why you need a PR expert on your team


Having someone on your team that knows PR can make the difference in your brand’s success. Brand awareness, crisis management, social media, and audience analytics are all areas that a PR professional should be knowledgeable in.

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Topics: public relations, branding

April Fools’ Day gone wrong

A look into what not to do 


We’ve all seen harmless company April Fools’ Day pranks that went well. But what about the ones that caused a PR nightmare?

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Topics: public relations, online public relations

How I can explain what public relations is to my mother without her eyes glazing over

A simplified definition of PR


What is public relations?


I get asked this question all the time. If I’m being honest, I sometimes have trouble narrowing it down into bits of information that someone who knows nothing about communications and marketing could understand. 


The Public Relations Society of America defines PR as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” 


For those working in PR, you understand that no two days are the same. One day, you might be in a series of meetings with clients. The next day, you may be conducting research and sending out media pitches. And the day after that, you might be writing a news release and creating social media content. The list is never ending. 

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Topics: public relations, PR tips

Ten Quick PR Tips

Effective strategies and tactics to boost your campaign


Working in public relations is all about strategy. Here are some quick tips to include in your PR strategy to be a trusted adviser to your company and clients:

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Topics: public relations, PR tips

What is earned media for PR?

How does your company use and benefit from earned media


Earned media is organic news coverage your company receives. It’s not paid for like advertising. People often confuse earned media with paid media even though they have two very different meanings. 


The main difference is price. Earned media is not bought; it’s the outcome of having a product or service that other people want to talk about. Paid media, such as advertising, is promoted because you paid someone or a company to do that for you. 


Social media mentions, media coverage, and reviews on your product or service are all examples of earned media used in public relations. Earned media happens naturally, and it’s a result of good PR. 

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Topics: public relations, PR tips, earned media



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