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Five Google results that can ruin your career

By Christie Parhiala

A smartphone showing Google's front page.Knowing what shows up when your name is searched on Google is essential. A future employer or even a customer may read an article or a post about you. Here are five things you should avoid at all costs to save your online reputation:






Bad press

You don’t have to be a celebrity to receive coverage in the news. Posting something offensive on social media or partaking in illegal or unethical activities can land you a headline on a news webpage. Think about what you say, write, and do as the effects can last a long time. 


Arrest records 

Although this one is obvious, arrest records are never good. Whether you're looking for employment or are currently employed, what you’ve done in the past is a direct representation of the company or brand you are or will be working for. 


Negative reviews 

The majority of consumers make purchasing decisions based on reviews. It’s safe to say if you’re consistently getting negative reviews, your business will not do well. When someone posts a negative review about you or your business, make sure you respond quickly and professionally.



If someone writes a story or posts something about you in a negative way — whether it is true or not — it has the potential to damage your career or at least get people talking. This could show up the next time you’re up for a new promotion or are applying for a new company. 


Backlash from an ex 

One of the worst things that can happen to one’s reputation is revenge porn. It can affect both your personal and professional relationships. Not only has your privacy been violated, but your personal endeavors will forever be on the internet for the entire world to see. 


If you’ve never encountered any of these issues, you should still filter what you say and do. Keep track of your online presence. If you don’t actively participate in any form of social media, create an account or website of your own and post to it often. The only way to have total control of what’s out there is to put it out there yourself. You can learn more about how your online reputation can negatively affect your career here.


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Christie Parhiala is a fall intern at Axia Public Relations. She is currently a public relations and marketing student at the University of North Florida. 


Photo by Solen Feyissa from Unsplash.

Topics: public relations, online public relations, crisis communications

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