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Products for your company’s PR pro who’s working from home

By Amelia Ellicott

Fourteen essentials for remote professionals and telecommuting warriors


A woman working from home.Working from home has become the new normal, so why not make it a little easier with these tools? All items included here are rated at least four out of five stars, and we might earn a referral credit if you buy some of these products from the affiliate links we provided below. Here’s a list of items that are essential when working from home: 



  1. Portable Green Screen

Portable green screens

Does your home lack plain walls that are necessary for professional zoom meetings? The EMART 5ft x 6.5ft Photo Video Studio 2-in-1 Collapsible Background Panel kit is professionally designed to be used by anyone in any scenario, giving you the perfect background for your meeting. Buy Now.


Review: “Pretty good material, so the light won’t go through. Good for my background for zoom meetings. It is pretty big, covers everything that I prefer not to share in front of the camera. Also good for any other apps that can use a green screen.” 


Price: $44.99


  1. Webcam


A 1080P webcam

Working from an older computer or a desktop? This portable webcam is great for noise cancelation and easy on-the-go setup. This 1080P Full HD Webcam can auto-adjust color and brightness for natural lighting, so you always look your best on camera even in dim light. 

Review: “Camera quality is as described and a great value compared to other cameras with the same specs. Camera cover is a nice slide. I was worried the lens would capture too much, but it’s the ratio I wanted. The clamp allows for easy placement adjustment and is totally stable. After a lot of research and product review fatigue, I’m relieved and quite pleased.”




  1. Ring Light


A ring light with stand.

This tool provides extra light for while you are at work, doing homework, creating material, or taking and editing photography. The 10.2-Inch Ring Light with Stand has an adjustable light and comes with a portable tripod. 


Review: “I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this makes. Before, I looked washed out and gray. Now, I look rosy and bright. This has several settings for color of the light and its brightness. I will never go on a conference call again without one. I will say that the three little legs don’t really stay up very well by themselves. I put them in a cube shaped empty Kleenex box and it’s perfectly stable now!”


Price: $21.99 


  1. Chair Mat

A chair mat.


Combat painful back pain with this mat that helps perfect posture whether you’re standing or sitting. The Office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam is comfortable and provides support, softness, versatility, long-lasting and eco-friendly material. 


Review: “I’ve read someone complained the mat jammed under the desk, but I gave it a try anyway, and I am glad I did! I can’t see how this could have jammed as it doesn’t move 1 inch unless you pull it on purpose. I've been struggling with floor mats under my office chair for a long time; they always move and ruck up under the wheels. But this mat is firm and smooth, and my chair easily glides over the surface, which is what I wanted. The anti-fatigue foot rest is a brilliant addition, and it really makes a difference whether I choose to sit or stand.”


Price: $64.97


  1. Computer Standing Desk

A desk to put a computer on.


Bring the office home with this computer standing desk. This can transform your home office into an adaptable workspace. The SHW Electric Memory Preset Height Adjustable Computer Standing Desk is a great choice if you would like to stand or sit for work, and it features a basket for all your computer cords. 


Review: “First and foremost, let me just say that I live in Kapolei, Hawaii. As you may or may not know, shipping heavy, bulky items to Hawaii is a huge feat. Not only do we NOT have overnight shipping, but we typically are rejected due to distance. That said, I was seriously surprised when the folks at EPFamily Direct elected to send me my order. While the box was somewhat tattered and coming undone in places, the item was in excellent condition. After assembly and initialization of the motor, everything works perfectly. I am quite surprised by the quality of the desk. The motor is very quiet, very much like the expensive commercial ones at my job. If you’re looking for an adjustable desk with great aesthetic and build quality, this is the one! Thank you, thank you!” 


Price: $238.87 


  1. Desk Cycle

A small exercise item.


Squeeze a quick gym session into your busy workday with this machine, which fits conveniently under your desk. DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser kicks traditional cardio to the curb by letting you pedal on your own time. 


Review: “This thing is amazing. I read the reviews and figured it would be decent... but it’s better than I expected. It was very easy to put together and fits nicely under my desk. It took some practice to be able to use it without my chair rolling away, but I got the hang of it (it does come with a strap to help with that too, but that was not a convenient option for me). This thing is worth every penny.”


Price: $195.00


  1. Mug Warmer

A mug warmer promotion.


Keep your favorite cup of coffee or tea hot for hours with this mug warmer. The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer includes a long extension cord, making it great for on the go. It fits every mug type and is easy to clean. 


Review: “Absolutely amazing and absolutely necessary for a student during finals season. Not only did it keep my drinks at the perfect temperature, but I felt like such an innovator using it to keep my dinner hot as I pulled an all-nighter in the library. I honestly ended up cuddling it because all the blood had drained from my hands after typing for 7 hours and were very cold. Loved it so much I got two more to give as gifts for Christmas. Both recipients loved ‘em!”


Price: $19.54


  1. Laptop Stand

A stand for desktops.


Is working from home giving you neck pain, back pain, or terrible posture? The Nulaxy C3 laptop stand tilts forward to help alleviate neck tension by bringing the screen closer. The stand also allows airflow to your laptop and is sturdy enough to hold up to 8.8 pounds. Buy Now.


Review: “I use my laptop as a second monitor with a wireless mouse/keyboard combo. This stand is slightly higher than several others, and puts my laptop screen at the perfect height so it’s level with my eyeline. The height is also great for video conferences, which I’m doing more and more. The laptop camera is now level with my face, so no unflattering “campfire ghost story” angles! It’s also got a squared-off shape to the base, so I can slide files underneath for easy access during calls. The design allows my laptop to be fully vented too, so it stays cool. Really great stand at a good price!”


Price: $25.99


  1. 8-in-1 USB C Adapter

A USB hub with 8 different kinds of ports in one.


Expand your laptop’s ports with this 8-port adapter. The VAVA USB C Hub, 8-in-1 USB C Adapter allows you to sync music and photos, have access to high-speed internet, and is great for on-the-go work. Buy Now.


Review: “So many USB C adapters/hubs use DisplayLink, which is software driven. This means you need to mess around with their driver and the performance isn’t great nor is the hit on battery life/cpu usage. This adapter is perfect as the HDMI port uses USB C alt mode so you get the full performance of your GPU and 4K output works well. The pass through PD charging works well and is able to keep my Macbook Pro fully charged while under heavy load. This adapter means I can reduce all my cables down to a single one that is easy to plug in.”


Price: $33.98


  1. Cell Phone Stand

A cell phone stand.


This multi-angle stand is perfect for holding your phone and can easily be stored in your bag. The Aibocn Multi-Angle Cell Phone Stand can fit any phone and also iPads. It’s easy to use and can be folded to fit in your bag. Buy Now.


Review: “Very sturdy, small, and folds nicely for easy portability. It’s a simple device done just right. It’s nice to get a rugged, durable feel in items these days when so many are made of cheap plastic! Anyway, this stand seems to me as good as it can get for what it is — a highly portable and useful convenience. Take it along on a quiet lunch when you want to read or watch some shows on your phone or tablet from a comfortable angle. It will fit in your pocket nicely when you’re done.”


Price: $8.99 


  1. Journal

A journal you can spend five minutes out of your day to use.


Take five minutes out of your day to improve your happiness and lower your anxiety by reading The Five Minute Journal, which features up to six months of thoughtful prompts that improve mental health and bring joy. Buy Now.


Review: “I love this journal. I have had an extremely hard time just “dealing” with everything life was throwing my way. I was becoming a bitter, angry, and [a] jealous person. I took a break from social media and ordered this journal. It has made the biggest difference for me. I am so much more aware of what wonderful things my life holds. I love that it is a morning and afternoon thing because I like to start the day with expectations and affirmations and then at the end of the day see they came full circle. It has honestly been the best thing (other than praying) that I have done for my mental health. I would recommend this to everyone. I actually wish I could hand them out at work!”


Price: $29.99


  1. Air Purifier 

An air purifier promo.


Keep dust and allergies at bay with a compact air purifier. The Meledan portable air purifier is sleek and great to fit in your home office, and it reduces harsh smells while purifying the air. Buy Now.


Review: “We have a lot of animals in a fairly small house and we both have mild allergies, so I have been on the lookout for an air purifier. I’m so happy with this one. It’s super quiet, and I love the blue light (not too bright), and we have noticed a difference. Great for small spaces. Would definitely recommend it!”


Price: $38.74


  1. Seat Cushion

Two chair cushions.


Now that you have turned your dining room into an at-home office, make your new office even cozier with a seat cushion. The SOFTaCARE seat cushion allows you to sit comfortably without pain. This cushion helps alleviate back pain and is ready to go anywhere with you. Buy Now.


Review: “I have to sit straight up when I work; however, the average ergonomic chair doesn’t support this erect position. So I had back and neck issues as a result...until I ordered these cushions. The back support easily attaches to the back of the chair and is adjustable. It hits just the right area of my back to provide comfort in an erect sitting position. The seat cushion is soft but sturdy. This was a great purchase. I highly recommend this set.”


Price: $41.91


  1. Desk Lamp

A lamp for your table.


Get the adequate lighting needed for those late night or early morning work sessions. The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp provides eye-friendly LED lighting, a USB port to charge your phone, and automatic shut off to save electricity. Buy Now


Review: “This is a brilliant lamp and excellent value. It’s bright on the max setting and nice white light. Each setting adjusts the tone slightly and each mode’s brightness can be adjusted. It’s solid, with a slim profile and heavy base for support, it folds against itself when not in use to save space, and looks smart too. The lamp extends and swivels to give maximum coverage. I have used it for computer work, reading, puzzles, jewelry-making, sewing, and model work. This is as good if not better than more expensive equivalent lamps. Very pleased.”


Price: $35.99


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Amelia is an intern at Axia Public Relations for the spring 2021 semester. She will be graduating in April with a bachelor of science in public relations and a minor in digital marketing. Amelia has a passion for writing and a love of helping others and meeting new people.


Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

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