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How to boost your plumbing brand through media

By Lindsey Chastain

Pipes, Press, and PR: 11 impactful ways for plumbing companies to score media attention.


Two faucets.Gaining free media exposure through coverage by local newspapers, TV, radio, and online outlets can massively pay off for plumbing companies. Earned media hits raise brand credibility, expand public awareness, and often drive lead generation more effectively than paid ads alone. But with busy schedules focused on serving clients, how can local plumbing companies strategically capture more media attention?


Follow these 11 proven tips to amplify your exposure and recognition across your community.


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1. Develop reporter relationships.

Take time to connect directly with journalists at your key local media outlets. Learn which reporters cover plumbing, home services, or community news and invite them to meet you. Share your story ideas in person and offer to be a source for any plumbing-related articles. Offering your insider expertise can build an invaluable ongoing relationship. Hiring a public relations firm can help establish these relationships.


2. Pitch seasonal and holiday story angles.

Keep track of relevant upcoming events like Infrastructure Week, Earth Day, or the Fourth of July to spur media story ideas. Offer timely tips on flushing water heaters before winter or checking outdoor pipes during spring thaws. Become the go-to expert for niche plumbing tasks tied to holidays and seasons. Reporters need fresh ideas and will add you to their rolodex for yearly coverage.


3. Highlight charitable company initiatives.

Spotlight any involvement your company has with community service projects or charitable donations. Fixing leaks at the local senior center or sponsoring a Little League team shows you care and provides a feel-good story. Reach out to media outlets to capture photos of your team in action. Heartwarming visuals paired with community giving make a perfect media pitch. 


4. Comment on local issues related to your company.

Weigh in with your perspective as a plumbing industry insider whenever codes, water standards, infrastructure policy, or other plumbing-related issues arise locally. Call reporters you have existing relationships with or draft an op-ed submission explaining your stance. Positioning company leaders as experts offers the media a credible voice on hot topics.


5. Promote fun industry facts.

Surprising plumbing history tidbits or little-known industry data can provide engaging content for radio segments, morning TV spots, and offbeat print stories. Keep some intriguing stats or trivia on hand to spice up your pitches. Quirky angles appeal to media looking for lighter or humorous fare to mix into coverage. 


6. Announce company news and milestones.

Mark major company milestones like new hires, service expansions, awards, certifications, acquisitions, or anniversaries with press releases. Local media outlets look for these business announcement items. Promote achievements through press releases and direct outreach to reporters you have existing relationships with already.


7. Get visual at events.

Holding a company open house, fundraiser, anniversary celebration, or PR event? Make it as media-friendly as possible by inviting local reporters and preparing strong visuals. Decorate your office, have staff wear branded shirts, create signs, and provide engaging activities. The more potential for dynamic photos, videos, or live shots, the better media turnout you will get.


8. Start a company blog.

Launch a plumbing blog on your website discussing industry developments, local market trends, handy DIY tips, and insights from jobs. Promote new posts through your social networks. Links to helpful blog content can provide reporters with shareable story ideas and establish your thought leadership. 


9. Post media appearances.

When you secure TV, radio, or print coverage, be sure to share this across your website and social media. Promote media hits to show you’re an authority. Post excerpts, photos, videos, and links to the full coverage. Media coverage builds legitimacy and more media requests.


10. Partner with suppliers or brands.

Ally with plumbing product suppliers or brands on co-promotions, giveaways, or sponsored content. Joint PR efforts allow for bigger campaigns and expanded media pitching. Coordinated messaging carries more weight.


11. Monitor trends.

Keep up with the latest data on water usage, sewage, drainage, infrastructure needs, and other industry trends in your local market and region. Then, offer reporters commentary and context about how these issues relate to or impact your community specifically. Become the expert voice media tap for insights.  


Implementing even a handful of the tactics above can significantly expand a local plumbing business's media visibility and community reputation over time. Consistently pitching story angles can earn media coverage and ultimately build brand awareness and trust through third-party validation –– the hallmarks of savvy PR.


Need a savvy public relations firm to help with implementing these strategies? Contact us today or book a one-on-one consultation to get started.


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