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Why your home improvement company should care about earned media

By Lindsey Chastain

Earned media will help your company get its “foot in the door” in a competitive home improvement industry.


Home improvement equipment.Think of earned media like publicity, except this form of coverage is typically earned via public relations efforts rather than payment or advertisements. Earned media allows an organic route into the public sphere through mentions across news articles, blogs, social media posts, and more. 




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Earned media coverage, when done correctly, offers essential benefits like visibility. This can help home improvement companies break through the noise of the industry, showcase products and services within relevant mediums, establish positive brand recognition, and influence customer purchasing decisions. 


What else can earned media do for your company?

Earned media can result in stronger credibility for your company, especially in a vertical or industry where trust is fundamental. It also works to reduce consumer skepticism since consumers will view the source as more credible compared to paid advertising.


Third-party endorsement via reputable media outlets reinforces the brand's quality and reliability with customers, making it even more appealing to potential business inquiries. Similarly, earned media enables direct engagement with prospective clients, increasing website traffic and social media engagement, ultimately influencing company sales growth.


How can earned media help your home improvement company?

There are multiple advantages that come from earning positive media coverage as a home improvement company. For starters, satisfied customers may engage in word-of-mouth marketing after having great experiences working with you. Sharing stories about your services could potentially prompt people in their circles of influence to consider visiting the business based on those recommendations. 


The opportunity the "earned" messages provide goes beyond this. Through these channels, you will receive thorough feedback on your work from a variety of sources. You can adjust your strategy accordingly, ensuring everything is perfect and maximizing customer satisfaction at every stage by taking note of the problems customers frequently report back about.


What are the various advantages home improvement companies can derive from earned media coverage? From enhancing brand visibility and credibility to fostering customer engagement and providing valuable insights, earned media can serve as a powerful tool for companies looking to gain a competitive edge. While earning media coverage requires effort and strategic planning, the potential rewards make it a worthwhile investment. 


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