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Mobile PR: Mobilizing Your Business

By Axia Public Relations

It's Time To Ask The Most Important Business Question Of The Year

The year that started in severe economic turmoil is now half over. Now you have to ask this question: "What do you have to do the rest of this year to reach your profit goals?"

If you don't have profit goals, your company has nothing to strive for. Establish your profit goals now and make the appropriate plans to achieve them.

Mobile PR: How The Battle For Smartphone Supremacy Will Affect Your Marketing

While the Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and an array of other smartphones battle for market supremacy, the fact is that smartphone usage overall will continue to increase dramatically over the next few years. How does the need for mobile PR affect your marketing?

With more people using their smartphones to surf the Internet and visit Web sites, you need to have a version of your site that's "mobile-friendly."

Your Mobile Web Site: Design Tips 101

The larger screens and enhanced resolution of iPhones and other smartphones make it possible for you to have a great-looking Web site designed specifically for mobile users.

Here are some design tips to consider:

  • Keep your design as simple and clean as possible; avoid large photos and logos. Use a single-column format.
  • Provide only the information that your clients deem most important to your product and service -- address, phone number and hours.
  • Do not use JavaScript or Flash. Do not link to other sites.

The 60 Second Close: Mobilizing To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

As marketing consultants, it's our job to keep you well ahead of the curve and prepare you for what's next. We urge you to consider mobile users as a potential customer base that is growing rapidly.

Consequently, now is the time to start "mobilizing" your Web site. Not sure where to start? Call us. We can get you there ... faster than ever.

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