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How to get your company's Memorial Day messaging right

By Bright Ewuru

It's important to consider your audience and intent


The American flag for Memorial Day.What exactly does Memorial Day stand for?


This is the first question you must ask when considering your message to customers on Memorial Day.


This special day, originally set apart to honor those who died in the course of their service to the United States, has morphed into a time for relaxation with loved ones and an avenue for annoying marketing tactics. The truth is that it fetches brands much-desired summer attention.


Granted, how companies and organizations must message their customers isn’t set in stone. However, this post outlines what you can do to avoid inappropriate salesy messaging in the name of Memorial Day.


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1. Choose substance over shadow

There’s no better way to display your regard for lost ones than welcoming and encouraging the ones present. Diversity and inclusion is the name of the game. Show your appreciation for the military by adding former military members to your workforce and creating a conducive environment for them.


Commonplace marketing messages that only take advantage of the holiday won’t do you much good. However, appreciating the origins of Memorial Day and showing eagerness to accept veterans is beneficial to your brand’s image.


2. Borrow a leaf

Some companies get their marketing endeavors right. Some others flop at it.


What to do?


Study both ends of the spectrum to find out what they’re doing. This will give you insight into what to do and avoid in order to craft thoughtful and compassionate messages for Memorial Day.


Whatever tactics you choose to employ, ensure they focus on uplifting veterans  


3. Silence might be the best answer

Regardless of the fun-filled celebrations in the name of Memorial Day, the truth is that the holiday doesn’t have its roots in the happiest of circumstances. In fact, it’s naturally more solemn than exciting.


If you’re not a veteran, you don’t have anything of value to say, or your company’s message for Memorial Day isn’t targeted at those who have served in the U.S. military, it might be best to pipe down.


Memorial Day messaging must be imbued with an acknowledgment of what the holiday represents, as well as respect for veterans. If your messages have that understanding at their core and it’s boldly reflected via words and your brand’s actions, then you’re on the right track.


Are you looking to create something special for veterans this coming Memorial Day? Well, don’t make the mistake of confusing your target audience with others. Download our Target Audiences Analysis Template for pointers on how to identify your target audience, create methods to modify their attitude, and craft relevant content with CTAs. 


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