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Best practices for developing and promoting premium content

By Bright Ewuru

Great content must be produced and promoted well


A woman reading premium content on her tablet.Premium content is a type of digital content accessible only by payment or registration due to its high value. As a digital marketing strategy, promoting premium content highlights the difference between a brand’s regular, free marketing content and unique, high-quality content.




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At Axia, we recommend that our clients produce monthly or quarterly downloadable premium content items. The content items can take a variety of formats, including:

  • E-books 
  • Expert guides 
  • Research
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Case studies

Whichever form the content takes, the production is just the beginning. Promoting engaging premium content is just as important as, if not more than, creating it.


To achieve this, you should create a dedicated campaign. The common elements of a dedicated campaign are:

Most of our clients follow our proven process for promoting premium content.


Pointers for a successful promotional campaign

Providing and promoting premium content doesn’t have to be a chore. Keep reading for the best practices to properly promote your premium content. 


Build a promotional page

Create a custom page when you launch new premium content. Optimize the page by including your brand’s logo, a summary of the content, three to five takeaways from the launch, and a simple registration form. The registration form should have fields for the visitor’s first name, company name, number of employees, and professional email address.


Email marketing is crucial

Use the email address the visitor provided to encourage them to access your premium content. That’s one step toward converting a stranger into a potential customer; it also gives you control over how people consume it, encouraging them to come back for more.


After you send the first email with a link to the content, it’s time to follow up with additional drip emails highlighting the takeaways from the premium content. Each drip email should have a call to action to book a consultation or “Ask me anything” session. You should send about four drip emails.


Create blog posts and share accordingly

Blog posts are crucial to promotional campaigns. Thus, it’s helpful to create a blog post weekly previewing and covering different parts of the premium content. The posts should have a text and banner CTA for site visitors to view the full content.


Make sure to share the blog post on your professional social media account, as well as your company’s social media page. It works wonders for:

  • Demonstrating thought leadership and subject-matter expert positioning
  • Search engine optimization
  • Traffic generation and lead attraction


We’ve seen that doubling blogging efforts for our clients yields an equal growth in their site’s traffic.


Premium content is worth all the marketing efforts. While proper promotion ensures that it reaches more of your audience, it’s also an effective way to stay in touch with your site visitors.


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