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What are premium downloads?

By Axia Public Relations

Here are seven types of premium content to guide a lead through the buying process

Books on top of each other.When it comes to capturing leads, it all boils down to providing value. Why would your visitors give you their priced personal information? They will only if you offer them something equally valuable that can be swapped with their confidential data.

But what information is more treasured than regular content?



Premium content is long-form, more in-depth, downloadable content that guides a lead throughout its buyer journey. It is the base of an inbound content marketing strategy that converts visitors into leads and walks them through different stages of the sales funnel.

This is what appeals to your potential leads. They are ready to exchange their contact details with a solution to their problems, hence premium content.

Premium content can take several forms:

E-Books are descriptive digital books that share information on a specific topic. It’s a useful lead generation tool as your visitors readily exchange their contact information for valuable content.

An infographic is a visually appealing information asset that simplifies complex topics by addressing your audience’s pain points. It needs detailed buyer personas to fulfill their demands. Eighty-six percent of businesses will now include infographics in their 2020-21 marketing strategy.

Whitepapers are persuasive and authoritative reports that raise a complex issue and provide a comprehensive solution that presents your philosophy. It establishes you as a thought-leader when you promote your methodology to solve the problem.

Webinars are premium content marketing tools that educate your leads about your business and its services through a live questionnaire.

Templates and checklists
Templates and checklists are practical implementations of information where you offer your leads tools and techniques to solve their problems. It builds their trust in your services.

Case studies
A case study is your brand’s success story that portrays how your products and services addressed the specific needs of a customer. It emphasizes a particular unique sales proposition of your company and tells them how you are a master of your trade.


Calculators can educate your leads about how they can save money using your products with real data. It is the final push that your leads need to jump to the sales funnel.

Once your leads have crossed this information stage, offer them free trials and consultations to close the deal. If you want our PR and marketing specialists to design your premium content structure, contact us today.

Give us a call at 888-773-4768 to discuss your inbound marketing strategy.


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