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We frequently blog about the latest public relations corporation communications, and marketing topics, tips, and trends. Our blog is one of the 100 Best Public Relations Blogs for 2023, according to FeedSpot. Please help yourself to our insights and be sure to subscribe to our weekly blog notifications.

7 steps to boost your brand's visibility to generate leads

Learn how to earn brand recognition and encourage new leads through PR.


Attracting public attention is one thing, but maintaining it — let alone in a positive manner — is another.


To survive in the cut-throat marketing world, brands must understand how to stand out. However, it’s also vital to reach a level of visibility that withstands the test of time, no matter what trends come and go along the way.


Boosting brand visibility has always been a cornerstone of marketing strategy. However, as the global market grows more saturated, this goal becomes increasingly challenging. 

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Topics: branding, shared media, social media

11 tips to craft engaging press release headlines

Real-world examples and tips to create attention-grabbing headlines that will secure media pickup.


A strong, attention-grabbing headline is critical for a press release to achieve its purpose of securing media coverage. With journalists receiving hundreds of releases daily, standing out among the crowded media landscape is challenging but possible. 

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

Axia’s values with AI in the PR industry

When used responsibly, AI can be a valuable tool in agency work.


While the industry is only beginning to understand and study AI benefits, the opportunities are promising. We foresee new creative possibilities, deeper analysis, more robust research, better content optimization, bigger ROI in original thought leadership content, and more. Likewise, we want your company to benefit safely and wisely.

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Topics: artificial intelligence

Putting the Relationships Back in Public Relations

  1. DMs: the New Promised Land for PR Pros
  2. PR Ethics In an Age of Weight Loss Drug Pushing
  3. 60-Second Close: Putting the Relationships Back in Public Relations

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Topics: shared media, social media, 60-Second Impact

The Emerging Role of AI in Public Relations

New advances in AI are transforming PR workflows and outcomes.


A recent study by Muck Rack reveals some interesting insights into how artificial intelligence is beginning to transform public relations workflows. While AI is still in the early stages of adoption, it's clear there is growing interest among PR professionals to incorporate these advanced tools into their process.

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Topics: digital PR, artificial intelligence

Time is of the Essence Solocast with Jason Mudd of Axia Public Relations

In this solocast, On Top of PR host Jason Mudd discusses why time is of the essence. Media relations requires quick responses because reporters are typically on deadline, therefore Jason goes into depth about how you can be more timely and responsive to journalists' inquiries.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: earned media, news media, On Top of PR, solocast

Journalist PR responses under 3% for third straight quarter

A study shows journalists are increasingly overwhelmed with pitches and media requests in an era of dwindling newsrooms.


A new report from Propel, a public relations software company, shows journalists are responding to fewer pitches than ever before, continuing a concerning downward trend.  

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

4 ways to earn media coverage from a news release

Targeting, personalization, captivating pitches, and relationship building are key for earning media coverage.


Sending out a news release is a common practice companies and organizations use to earn media coverage. Sending a release out over the wire doesn't guarantee you'll get journalists to cover your story, but there is a method to the madness. Follow these four best practices to improve your chances of turning your release into earned media coverage.

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Topics: news release, earned media, news media

How to use short-form video to maximize social media engagement

The average American spends over two hours a day on social media. How many 30-second videos have you scrolled through on social media today? If you use the popular social media platforms, we’d guess likely over 200. 


Short-form videos are taking over social media. YouTube and TikTok started this short-form video phenomenon, which soon expanded with Instagram Reels. Who knows what’s next? Regardless, it's clear that short-form videos are here to stay and are as important as ever. It might be time to learn more about them! 

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Topics: shared media, social media

Another look at Snoop Dogg’s masterful marketing head fake for Solo Stove

Solo Stove and Snoop Dogg’s $60 million successful partnership proves strategic influencer marketing creates viral moments and quantifiable value.


American rap icon Snoop Dogg set the internet ablaze in late November, announcing he was "giving up smoke." Known widely for his love of cannabis, Snoop's statement sent shockwaves across social media. Cannabis company stocks took a hit as investors feared the implications of Snoop's brand moving away from weed. 

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Topics: digital PR, influencer marketing

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