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We frequently blog about the latest public relations corporation communications, and marketing topics, tips, and trends. Our blog is one of the 100 Best Public Relations Blogs for 2023, according to FeedSpot. Please help yourself to our insights and be sure to subscribe to our weekly blog notifications.

How Bias Against Women Persists in Female-Dominated Workplaces with Amy Diehl

In this episode, Amy Diehl joins host Jason Mudd to discuss how bias against women persists in female-dominated workplaces. Amy shares her knowledge of why men are in leadership roles more often than women and what makes an industry equitable. They also discuss how to make your workplace healthy for men and women, the phenomenon of presentism, and how to eliminate bias and what can women do if they are confronted by bias.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: PR tips, internal communications, On Top of PR

Know Your Audience

From 420-themed marketing from global brands to Anheuser-Busch’s absolute blunder in corporate comms, opportunities to connect (or not) abound. The key to creating unforgettable brand moments is to know your audience. Doing so, well, takes data.

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Topics: PR tips, strategy, 60-Second Impact

Top PR Pros Share Their Tips for Earning U.S. Media Coverage

We asked some of the nation’s most successful media relations practitioners to share their best practices.


Earning media coverage is becoming more and more challenging and competitive for public relations and corporate communications professionals. That’s because traditional newsrooms are shrinking, and positive media coverage is now more precious than ever before. While the best PR pros are still getting ink for their employers and clients, it’s always helpful to uplevel your game.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

Before you post that news release... add Urchin Tracking Module parameters to each link

Use UTMs and Google Analytics to enhance your data on link clicks in press releases.


Your company has just finished up a news release. Everything looks complete, and it’s been copy edited. It’s ready to go, right? Not yet. Before you send out a news release, you should add Urchin Tracking Module, or UTM, codes to links that go to websites you own in a press release.

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Topics: earned media, news media

The Importance Of Collaboration Between Your Public Relations Team and Your Investor Relations Team

Collaboration between public relations and investor relations teams is critical for any business success in today's market. 


PR is responsible for managing a company's reputation with the public, while IR handles communication with investors and financial analysts. While these two teams have different roles and responsibilities, they share a common goal: to ensure the success of the company.

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Topics: PR tips, corporate communications

How to become an excellent TEDx speaker with Alan Cohen

In this episode, Alan Samuel Cohen joins host Jason Mudd to discuss how to become an excellent TEDx speaker. Alan shares his knowledge of what makes a good speech. They also discuss how to stand out against other applicants, how to be bold and back it up, and why it is okay if your idea isn’t new. 


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Topics: On Top of PR, public speaking

What are simple social media videos?

In public relations social media services, simple social media videos are an effective strategy for reaching your audience. But what does that mean? 

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Topics: shared media, social media

World Communications Forum names Jason Mudd "North America's Best PR Leader"

DAVOS, Switzerland – The World Communications Forum Association named Axia Public Relations CEO Jason Mudd as "North America's Best PR Leader.


The WCFA recognized the most outstanding communications experts in the world in six categories – the world’s key geographic market regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America.

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Topics: agency news

Our Agency's Documented Proven Process for Social Media Best Practices

Our three-step process ensures quality social media content.


As a public relations agency, we provide news media, social media, and web media to help build excellent relationships between companies and their target audiences.


For social media, we create engaging content with graphics and captions, native to each social media platform. After developing the scope of work for an organization, we follow this three-step, documented proven process for social media content. 

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Topics: shared media, social media

Blogging isn't boring — it's impactful

Blogging helps your business grow SEO and generate leads.


What’s the first word you think of when you hear the word blogging? Is it boring? If so, you’re not alone. Corporate communications, marketing, public relations and business leaders tend to consider blogging boring and a waste of resources. That’s not the case, though. Blogging has multiple benefits for your company, including increased search engine optimization and lead generation. Adding high-quality articles and blogs to your website is the easiest way to get more website visitors. 


Search engines love blogging. They reward sites that actively blog, following these best practices:

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Topics: SEO, owned media, web media

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