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Tips on issuing a video statement during a crisis

A news article was published about your company, which included misleading information, factual errors, innuendos, and even half-truths. This leads to a crisis for your company, especially in the court of public opinion. 


Your company has several options to handle this crisis: ignore it, create some FAQs to correct the errors, hold a news conference, or issue a video statement during a crisis. 

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Maintaining your company’s reputation

Handling that first negative online article 


As much as you believe your company won’t be affected by negative articles and reviews ranking in an online search, at some point, it will happen – and it can have a serious impact on your company. 


There are many places where consumers can leave negative reviews that can rank on page one when a prospective consumer uses Google to search for your company. That first negative review or even a new negative review can leave you and your company reeling and unsure of your next steps. It is important to understand how your company’s online reputation can change with a negative review. 

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Improving media relations with Ashley Billings | On Top of PR podcast

Learn how to improve media relations with guest Ashley Billings and show host Jason Mudd.



Our episode guest is Ashley Billings, Media Relations Consultant at Axia. Ashley is an award-winning ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC-affiliate TV news reporter in California, Jacksonville, and D.C. Clients love her ability to translate PR messages into TV news stories. She joined Axia in June 2018.

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How to avoid a conflict of interest when editing your company's Wikipedia article

Wikipedia articles are edited by volunteer contributors and are meant to have a neutral point of view. There are companies that hire public relations (PR) professionals to edit Wikipedia pages and ethical ways to make changes to a Wikipedia article. 


According to Wikipedia, conflict-of-interest (which they refer to as COI) editing on Wikipedia occurs when editors use Wikipedia to boost or strengthen their specific interests, roles, or relationships. The type of COI editing that causes most problems or raises the red flag on Wikipedia is paid editing for PR purposes.

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What is keyword density and how do I leverage it?

Are you using keywords, or are you stuffing keywords in your content? Learn the difference here with Axia’s experts.


A lot of top-ranked webpages have keywords stuffed egregiously throughout the content. However, when your content isn't credible enough to entice the end user, there's no point in getting ranked on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). While we all understand that we need to use important keywords in website titles and meta descriptions in order to attract traffic, no one’s ever explained the fine line between using keywords wisely, and keyword-stuffing.

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Should We Sue a News Media Outlet When They Write an Unfavorable Article about our Company?

Reporters write and report on stories about people and companies every day. While most articles are neutral, some articles portray an individual or company positively, and some cast the company and/or its executives in a negative light. When a negative article surfaces, at what point might you decide to file a lawsuit against a news outlet or reporter?


Libel and slander are two terms often used interchangeably to express journalism that is harmful to an individual or organization. However, they are not the same. In some instances, statements made against you or your company could be considered libel or slander. What’s the difference? 

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Voice Commerce Sweeping the Marketing World

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


November 2021 – New MarTech Tools Reshaping the Consumer Experience


V-commerce is just one of the latest marketing technology (MarTech) tools mid-market and enterprise marketing leaders have to reach new audiences and deeply engage users. We’ll look at different ways to take advantage of the new technologies and strategies for integrating these in the years ahead. 

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Compelling copywriting hacks no one told you

What does it take to compel customers to buy your product? Perfect copy


You must have come across websites that made you impulse-buy things you knew you didn’t really need. Did you find yourself wondering how this happened? The secret logic behind this phenomenon is as simple as copywriting. In this case, the writer struck just the right chord, zeroing in on your pain point and persuading you to buy the product.


Would you like to get your hands on these skills and scale your business? Here are some copywriting hacks to get you started. 

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Top SEO tools for beginners

With a plethora of SEO tools available on the market, it may feel overwhelming to choose between the many free and premium options out there.


While premium SEO tools offer advanced functionality, on-call support, and more, the free ones often do the trick of solving the most urgent optimization issues. To make your life easier, we’ve curated a quick list of free SEO tools that can help you, from beginner to advanced SEO optimization levels. Check them out:

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Topics: online public relations, owned media, web media

Corporate Comms, PR, and Marketing Employee Turnover and Staffing is Hurting Brands

Three way to get and keep your talent and how PR firms offer a competitive advantage


With the current voluntary turnover rate at 25% (almost double what it was three years ago) and costing an average of 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them, it’s time to think about retention measures for keeping your corporate communications, public relations, and marketing employees. 

Here are four tips to help retain your talent:

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