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Should you staff PR in-house or hire an agency? Turns out, there’s a calculator for that

Explore the benefits of an outside PR agency versus managing an in-house PR department


Admit it. At some point over the years, you’ve received a proposal from a public relations agency and thought, “I can hire someone in-house for that!”


And even if you didn’t think that, someone else in your organization did. I often find this to be the case among junior level staff or even senior staff who don’t have access to the full operating costs of a company. In which case, it’s important to understand the true costs of employment and the value of outsourcing.


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8 ways your PR agency can assist you during COVID-19

This is one story in our series about COVID-19. Read Don't think you need a PR agency right now? Think again and 4 communications actions your company can do during COVID-19 for more.


Many companies instinctively leap to tighten the belt on budgets and rein in costs in times of economic crisis; however, don’t be too quick to cut your public relations firms. 


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How to be a great podcast guest

Many say podcasts are a fast-growing media platform to increase brand exposure. It’s an often-overlooked opportunity for a company’s experts and spokespersons to share insight and company information with faithful podcast listeners. Just like with any other media interview, there are ways that your company’s spokesperson can prepare to participate on a podcast and truly shine as a great podcast guest. 


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4 reasons you should tailor content for different social platforms

This is one blog post about organic social media content. Read Organic social: Is it worth it in 2020? for more.


Think one-size-fits-all? Think again. 


Any social media manager will praise the benefits of social media monitoring and scheduling tools, like HubSpot. They allow you to monitor multiple streams, coordinate responses with a team, and, perhaps most importantly of all, schedule your social media posts. You can even post to multiple social networks at once. Some platforms encourage you to post your content in multiple places within the same platform (for instance, Facebook newsfeed and Facebook stories). 


Just because you can post one update to multiple places at once, should you? No, and here’s why.


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How construction industry marketing will evolve after coronavirus – and what you can do to prepare

The rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused major disruption for a vast number of industries worldwide, including the construction industry. 

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Understanding the role of an account manager at a PR agency

When you partner with a public relations agency, you’ll get to know your account manager pretty quickly. At first, you may assume an account manager is simply an extension of the project management team, when in reality, this person plays a very different role.


Account managers and project managers work in tandem to ensure your satisfaction with the final project. Where a project manager’s sole focus lies on the completion of the work, an account manager’s goal is to ensure your satisfaction at every turn.


Account managers actually have some of the toughest jobs in a PR agency. As agents of mutual understanding, they help to shape the culture of the agency and strike a harmonious tone in relationships with their clients. 


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Why small businesses struggle with PR firms

This is one story about PR and small businesses. Read How small companies do PR and what big companies can learn from them for more.


Our public relations agency specializes in helping regional and national companies with news, social, and web services to build awareness, consideration, and sales for their companies' experts, products, and services. This includes a special focus on construction, professional services, and consumer services companies as well as franchisors. 


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Don't think you need a PR agency right now? Think again

This is one story in our series about COVID-19. Read 8 ways your PR agency can assist you during COVID-19 and 4 communications actions your company can do during COVID-19 for more.


With COVID-19 and the economy on hold, there's a huge need and opportunity for thoughtful and strategic corporate communications


Beyond the "what we're doing to prepare for coronavirus" messages that overwhelm your inbox, your brand needs help communicating during COVID-19 and the economic climate. PR firms are busy helping clients with external and internal communications.


Now is not the time to go silent. Now is the time to stay visible by helping your target audience adjust, survive, and thrive in the current environment.


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4 reasons remote employees are more productive than office employees

This is one story in our series on the benefits of working from home. Read how working from home can save you money for more.


The debate over whether remote workers are more productive than their traditional office counterparts has been going on for a while. When you think of remote working, you might imagine people lounging on their couches with their laptops. However, there are plenty of studies indicating remote employees are quite productive. Here are four reasons remote employees are actually more productive than those who work in an office setting. 

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How much money can you save by working from home?

Research shows that telecommuters can save at least $2K and often more than $7K


This is one story in our series on the benefits of working from home. Read about how remote employees can be more productive than office ones for more.


In addition to letting you avoid the stench of Payroll Stan’s microwaved fish, working remotely (like from home) can save employees a ton of time and money.


According to research from The Ladders, MarketWatch, and other sources, employees really want to work from home. In fact:


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