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Hiring and working with a PR agency with Drew McLellan | On Top of PR podcast

Learn how to find the right PR agency for your company with our guest Drew McLellan, CEO of the Agency Management Institute.

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Send a pitch email the right way

Don’t make this distribution mistake when pitching to the news media


PR and marketing departments get busy. They know they need to share their company’s news with the media but far too often, they simply get caught up in day-to-day tasks. When your PR and marketing departments get busy, then they can get lazy about distributing news to the media. Here’s a mistake your team may be making, why it’s a mistake, and the right way to handle it. 

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Topics: media relations, earned media, owned media

Find the best company spokesperson

What to do if your executive/spokesperson/client isn’t fit to be the face of the organization


As public relations professionals, we’ve worked with a plethora of companies, clients, and spokespeople. Some are perfect spokespeople while others need a few spokesperson training sessions, and then there are the ones that shouldn’t or can’t be the face of the company. 


Finding a spokesperson for your company can be a daunting task, and having a conversation with a spokesperson who truly isn’t the best fit to represent your company is even more difficult. As an outside PR firm, having the conversation with a client about who the best spokesperson is can be easier than having the conversation internally with a superior. So how do you navigate that difficult conversation? 

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What are content tags? What are they used for?

Make your website content “findable” to you and your customers with content tags


With increased content production, there’s a growing concern for content searchability among users and content managers. Content tags are a means to combat this issue.

The phrases in a Content Management System (CMS) that group similar content pieces together in a web publication are called content tags. It’s an ideal solution to ‘label’ and classify content, making it easier to search, follow, and group multiple topics. These tags streamline content management for organizations to find and use the content as and when required.

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Personality Analytics with Dolly Penland

Learn how to hire the best individual for your company, lead them to their highest potential, and remotely manage them during the pandemic all through personality analytics. Dolly Penland is the CEO of a talent optimization consultancy and has had years of experience helping companies scale.

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How to submit photos that the news media will use

Be a better resource for the media


As newsrooms continue to shrink, they rely more and more on their reporters to write for print and online as well as take their own photos and videos. With reporters doing more, newspapers also rely on PR professionals and a company’s PR and marketing department to submit stories – in an inverted pyramid style – and images for publication. 


Story ideas and submissions are relatively easy to provide to a media outlet. Many companies struggle with submitting photos that newspapers and magazines will and can use. Here are some tips that will help you and your team submit quality photos the media will use. 

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

The importance of SEO freshness factor

Do you know about the freshness factor? 


It is an element of search engine algorithms that prefers web pages with fresh and updated content over outdated ones.


This is where website management triggers your online visibility. It informs search engines that you have new and relevant content for its users. When the bots index your web pages, Google rewards you with top rankings on the SERPs. 


There’s more to why you need an updated website with SEO-friendly content. Let’s discover what!

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Topics: SEO, online public relations, owned media

What are premium downloads?

Here are seven types of premium content to guide a lead through the buying process

When it comes to capturing leads, it all boils down to providing value. Why would your visitors give you their priced personal information? They will only if you offer them something equally valuable that can be swapped with their confidential data.

But what information is more treasured than regular content?

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What is the buyer's journey?

The journey from seeking information to making a purchase decision!


The buyer's journey involves three stages:


Awareness Stage

Consideration Stage

Decision Stage

At each stage, you need to tailor your content marketing and sales strategy to fit into the buyer's context. Let's understand all three phases of the buyer's journey. 

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Transition from journalism to PR with David DeCamp | On Top of PR podcast

Learn how you can transition a career in journalism to PR with our guest David DeCamp, corporate communications manager at Crowley.

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Topics: On Top of PR

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