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Facebook Analytics Is Terminated

As part of a larger effort to simplify business resources, Facebook decided to retire Facebook Analytics beginning June 30. They will continue to invest in measurement products that provide insights and data analysis capabilities, even as this method is being phased out. The Insights portion of Facebook Pages and Instagram Profiles are unaffected.

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How To Use Emails for Effective Crisis Communication

Although business and life seem to be gradually returning to a state of sanity, at this time last year, there was the COVID-19 pandemic.


The coronavirus forced all businesses to take a second look at their crisis communications plans. Thus, here are five essential pointers on how businesses should use emails for effective crisis communications, whether the crisis is internal or external.


These hints are worth their weight in gold. Regardless of your industry, people pay attention to your actions, particularly in distraught times. And their reviews immensely impact your business.

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Commercial newswires with Jason Mudd | On Top of PR podcast

Learn the benefits of using commercial newswires and the mistakes companies make when posting their news releases with our host, Jason Mudd. Jason is the managing partner of Axia Public Relations.

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Add some humor to your PR efforts

Put a smile on people’s faces with public relations content.


Tell me if you haven’t heard this one before: Public relations is a humorless industry that always must have 100% serious content.

Okay, you gotta admit that’s a pretty lame joke. Public relations has changed; it’s no longer the world of very serious content. Jokes and humor in your public relations content are becoming more and more common. If you’re not adding some humor to your public relations, then you’re missing out.

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How can media coverage grow your business?

Earned media is the best option to grow your brand’s image


Consumers learn at an early age to tune out advertising. No one goes online or watches TV to see who’s advertising. The value of PR is being part of the content and conversation, not sponsoring that content and conversation. 

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Brand influencers don’t influence most social media users

Micro-influencers are more influential and more affordable, study finds.

Many businesses are quick to seek out brand influencers for their social media sites, thinking this is the best way to engage followers and grow interest in their products. But how effective are social media influencers? According to a new survey by Visual Objects, not very.


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10 website tips with Clarissa Schearer | On Top of PR podcast

Learn 10 tips on how you can spring clean your website to get ready for summer with our guest Clarissa Schearer of Axia Public Relations.



Our episode guest is Clarissa Schearer, PR Strategist at Axia Public Relations. Clarissa builds and maintains client relationships, shares client messages across news media, and builds brands through web media.

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Is ‘bad PR’ always detrimental?

When handled appropriately, PR crises can help your company in the long run.


There’s a cliché that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”


While I’m not a fan of that statement nor that corporate communications strategists are the same as publicists, here’s some proof that (even bad) PR works.

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How to Add/Install WordPress to An Existing Website

Enhance the capabilities of your existing website by adding feature plug-ins from WordPress


The gradual shift of businesses to the digital world has drawn much attention toward building a solid online presence for your brand. One of the most critical aspects of this is to have an integrated website for your products and services. A website that extends its capabilities and includes user-friendly features is sure to attract customers and impact revenues. 


WordPress, one of the most sought-after content management service platforms, comes to the rescue. It allows you to explicitly add or embed the features offered for developing a functional website. 

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Axia CEO Jason Mudd earns Measurement Master certification

Jason Mudd, CEO and Managing Partner of Axia Public Relations, earned a Measurement Master certification. 


With this certification, Mudd is now an expert in measurable objectives, survey research, media analysis, data validation, web analytics, search engine optimization, integrated dashboards, and reporting communications results. Forbes named Mudd’s Axia as one of America’s best PR firms for 2021.

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