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How to create Instagram Reels

The step-by-step guide to creating Instagram Reels for your company


Instagram Reels are one of the platform’s newest surfaces for brands to create content, attract new customers, and go viral. Instagram Reels are short video clips that emulate the layout of TikTok, a very popular social media platform. Taking advantage of Instagram Reels will keep your company up to date with social media trends and expand your online presence.

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2 key elements in a professional vodcast setup

How to determine the best lighting, backgrounds, and angles for a videocast recording


Vodcasts are podcasts that include a video recording. For example, many podcasts have a YouTube that displays video from each episode they record. To offer the best quality recording, you need to ensure that your setup and background are appropriate and professional.

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Remaining Relevant in the Era of Rise and Falls

Global unrest politically, economically, and socially put 2023 as a tumultuous time, especially in public relations. With top Super Bowl sponsors like Pepsi and social media giant TikTok surging past the noise, in 2023, it all comes down to adaptability. 

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How to remove admins from your company’s Facebook page

A quick guide to managing page roles when someone leaves the company


It’s important to realize that whoever has access to your company’s social media accounts will most likely not remain in that position their entire career. When they get promoted or leave the company, it’s important to manage their page roles and access to your company’s accounts. 


As a best practice, you want to remove them from the page yourself. Avoid letting the employee remove themselves from the account. If they do so and no one else has access to the account or another employee’s level of access won’t let them change anything, you’ve caused yourself a big headache.

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5 tips for creating engaging social media videos

Lights, camera… Not so fast! Expensive shoots and long, comprehensive videos aren’t necessary for success.


Using video on social media is nothing new. Before social media, brands were hungry for polished video content. Coordinated video shoots – complete with high-resolution cameras and bright lights – were the norm. Carefully edited videos with sleek transitions, often including full context of a specific subject, led to long (and potentially boring) content. Brand videos swam in a sea of sameness.


With the rise of YouTube and other social media, we began a new era of online videos where simple is better – and anyone with a smartphone can make viral videos. 


Today, TikTok and other video social media platforms are expanding the importance of brevity and simplicity in social media videos. Vertical formats dominate, catering to mobile users. Mobile phone camera quality has improved, making smartphone quality perfect for brand content. 

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What happens to companies who cut back on PR and marketing during a recession with Jason Mudd, CEO of Axia Public Relations

In this solocast, host Jason Mudd describes why it’s important to continue to invest in PR during a recession and provides ways to keep your company in consumers’ minds. 


Tune in to learn more!

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Public relations advice for The Grinch

Here are some tips for managing The Grinch's public relations.


  1. Build a strong brand identity
    The Grinch is a well-known and beloved character, and it's important to make sure the public understands and recognizes his brand. This can be achieved through consistent messaging and visuals, such as using the same font and colors across all Grinch materials.

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How do search results pages rank content?

Learn how search engines rank content, and how to use it to your benefit. 


Search engine optimization is a valuable asset to your company and its online presence. To take advantage of SEO perks, you need to understand how the process helps rank content within a search. 


Content is ranked in three different stages:

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8 tips for a successful media pitch to Forbes

Forbes magazine is one of the most trusted sources for businesspeople and executives and is known for its lists of the world’s richest individuals. Forbes caters to business management professionals and those aspiring to a position of corporate leadership. The magazine covers successful companies, individuals, industries, marketing, law, taxes, technology, computers, communications, investments, and management performance. People who read Forbes want to stay on top of today’s business news and are interested in wealth.

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Impostor Syndrome with Kris Kelso, CEO of The Kelso Group

In this episode, Kris Kelso, keynote speaker and CEO of The Kelso Group, joins host Jason Mudd to define what impostor syndrome is, what the opposite of impostor syndrome is, why impostor syndrome is common, how the Peter Principle relates to impostor syndrome, and how to combat impostor syndrome. 


Tune in to learn more!

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