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3 reasons to utilize industry publications for earned media coverage

Your company should look closer at this hidden gem opportunity.


Earning media coverage in outlets your target audience consumes is one goal you might be familiar with in your public relations efforts. One area of media coverage companies often overlook is their own industry publication and association outlets. Many companies don’t think these are worth their time because their clients aren’t consuming articles from those outlets. However, you should seek out and utilize industry and association publications because they’re a hidden gem that can boost your company more than you may realize. Here are three reasons why.

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TikTok: The official search engine for Gen Z?

Younger audiences are using the social media platform for casual searches, Google reports.


TikTok. We all know of it, but do we know how powerful it actually is, especially for Generation Z? 


The popular app first came in 2016 and has since grown. It’s known for showing you short videos that you’ll like and interact with, d from its search algorithm. But how far has its popularity gone? 


While TikTok isn’t an actual search engine, some people in the younger generation see it as one.

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How to add a social media content manager to your company's Facebook Page

A quick guide to adding your social media agency and/or team members to your company's Facebook account


Contrary to popular perception, your company's Facebook page does not provide unique usernames and passwords to share with your social media colleagues for them to log in. Instead, you assign page roles to your team via their personal Facebook account profile.

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Crisis communications insurance with Bob Dietzel, co-founder of KMRD Partners

In this episode, Bob Dietzel, co-founder of KMRD Partners, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss corporate crisis insurance. In this episode you’ll learn what crisis insurance is and what it covers, who can tell you more about your crisis plan, how the insurance works, and why it's important to have.


Tune in to learn more!

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Topics: crisis communications, On Top of PR

How to stay positive when working in PR

Positivity is an important element for success in the world of public relations.


Public relations is a very stressful job, whether you’re a PR practitioner or someone in a company that works with a PR firm or team. PR professionals and others working in the field face stressors such as:

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How to create a Business Center and ad account for your company's TikTok

A quick guide to creating a business and ad account for your company’s TikTok


TikTok is the most efficient social media platform to use if you want to get your company in front of more eyes. However, this is still hard to do as you have to hit the algorithm just right to get a viral video and, even then, your videos won’t see the same amount of views consistently. To make sure your videos earn traction, you can create TikTok ads.


To run TikTok ads, you create a TikTok ad account that is separate from your regular TikTok account. To create this separate ad account, you first create a TikTok Business Center account.

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4 strategies for implementing SEO in your digital marketing measures

Hubspot research shows that 75% of internet users don’t look beyond the first page of search results. If you’re not in the top-ranking results, you’ll miss out on valuable web traffic, meaning losing leads and revenue for your company.


You can implement search engine optimization strategies to measure your digital marketing and improve search rankings. A robust SEO strategy can help you to rank more competitively and allow you to drive more web traffic.

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Topics: SEO, online public relations

Dust off old and unused ideas when designing PR plans

An idea that didn’t fit one campaign can be just right for another


When ideating for public relations, you and the people you’re doing PR with will develop plenty of ideas for a campaign. However, you won’t find a use for all of them. Throwing them into a folder or archive doesn’t mean it’s the end for those ideas, though.

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Building Customer Loyalty Starts Early

November 2022 – Meeting Your Audience Where They Are Based on Where They’ve Been


McDonald’s and YouTube influencers (aka YouTubers) are showcasing how brands today can reach their audience on a more intimate level than ever before. From adult Happy Meals that create the “warm fuzzies” for adults to landing perfectly in the laps of millions of click-hungry followers, these two households are putting on a MasterClass in emotional branding.

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The State of Journalism and PR 2022 reports with Greg Galant, CEO of Muck Rack

In this episode, Greg Galant, CEO and co-founder of Muck Rack, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss the origin of Muck Rack, the current state of journalism and PR reports, best practices for pitching media, and what journalists need from PR professionals. They also discuss how you can use Muck Rack’s technology to find insightful data on what you should be pitching to the media.


Tune in to learn more!

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