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Axia announces the George Floyd Business Mentor Program

Today, in memory of George Floyd...

We've created the George Floyd Business Mentor Program, an absolutely free program that's open to 50 black men who want to succeed in life, business, and personal finance.


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What are vanity metrics? Do they really matter in PR?

The definition of vanity metrics, and why they don’t really matter.


What we usually think of as vanity metrics are numbers like impressions, advertising value “equivalents” (AVEs), mentions, likes, shares, re-tweets, clicks, page views, downloads, etc. Although some vanity metrics may be important for historical benchmarking or baseline purposes, they shouldn’t be relied on for real intelligence. 


Vanity metrics are good for feeling “warm and fuzzy” and bad for action. In other words, vanity metrics are numbers that feel important yet are fundamentally superficial, or worse, deceptive. They are numbers for numbers’ sake.


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11 ways to get your tax preparation service company in the news

Why is news coverage so important for companies like yours?

News coverage, especially positive coverage, helps to improve your company’s reputation.

Prospective customers may not know anything about your company until they see your company’s thought-leaders appear in positive news stories. After reading about your company in the news, people think of your company first when it’s time to make a buying decision.


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What's the difference between distributing your company's news and pitching it?

There’s more than one way to release company news. If you’re starting out in the public relations industry or you work for a company that wants to earn media coverage, it’s important to know the best way to share news. Here, Axia Public Relations describes the difference between distributing news and pitching it.


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What does evergreen mean for the media?

Journalists want evergreen content; pitch stories that stay relevant


Evergreen is a term in journalism and public relations that means the content isn’t time sensitive. It’s news your company shares that doesn’t have a shelf life and won’t go stale. Evergreen stories are perpetually relevant and always interesting to readers. It’s not breaking news or specific to a season or holiday. 


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What's the difference between inbound marketing and content marketing?

The concept of content marketing is not foreign, but now there’s a new term on the block: “inbound marketing.” So what’s the difference? Is there a difference? Once you answer this question, you can take your business to the next level by creating content that appeals more to your potential customers and provides a customer journey that fosters long-term relationships.

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21 mistakes you’re making when you pitch to the news media

Getting media coverage for your company can seem daunting, especially for a newbie or someone who doesn’t understand how the news media works. It’s possible to earn media coverage without writing a news release; you just need to make sure you’re pitching your company the right way. Here’s a list of 21 mistakes you might be making when you pitch your company to the news media.

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5 Reasons to Rethink Pausing Your PR Progam

This is one story in our series about COVID-19. Read 8 ways your PR agency can assist you during COVID-19 for more.


The business landscape, disrupted by COVID-19, has transformed almost overnight and triggered talks of recession. As many companies look to reduce spending, keep in mind it’s been proven over time that increasing (or maintaining) your overall marketing spend during a recession can result in long-term gains. No marketing strategy would be complete without public relations, and especially during challenging times, PR must be an integral part of that plan. 


Although it may be tempting to hit pause on your PR program, now is not the time. It’s time to be even more strategic. Speed is the most important commodity in times of crisis. Don’t wait and risk missing the opportunity. 


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How to be a great vodcast guest

Webcam video interviews are on the rise; be memorable in a good way


In-person interviews are almost always best; however, in times of breaking news, national interviews, or during a pandemic, when you can't be in the studio or have the cameraperson come to you, a webcam or livestream interview is a great option. 


Webcam video interviews are on the rise, especially as more people work from home. We’ve all seen an interview where something has gone wrong, such as the person not wearing pants or someone else walking into the live shot, like this man's children. While these moments make for entertaining content, they certainly aren’t the goal of a serious interview.


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Media relations during COVID-19

This is one story in our series about COVID-19. Read 8 ways your PR agency can assist you during COVID-19 for more.


Even as the media's primary focus is on the coronavirus pandemic, journalists are looking for non-COVID-19 stories. For example, a London features and deputy news editor put out a call for "non-CV stories" and then replied with this:


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