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Best SEO practices for web page headlines

By Axia Public Relations

Harness the power of headlines and make them SEO-compliant.


Someone typing out a headline.As the online medium continues to grow and thrive, websites have become a mainstay for driving revenues to businesses. This burgeoning platform has been responsible for building a compelling online presence for brands and plays a vital role in targeting the consumer. 


Websites have multiple aspects associated with them that contribute to the ever-increasing user base of the business. One of the most significant elements imperative in making pages rank higher in search engines is the page’s headline. Having a direct impact on the visitor, headlines are instrumental in improving your virtual visibility.



SEO practices to create highly engaging web page headlines

  • Using impactful and robust adjectives can significantly transform your headlines and make them more effective. Compelling words grab the reader’s attention.

  • Keeping your headlines concise will attract the reader to click on the link because now the content becomes easy to digest. “Short and sweet” never goes out of style.

  • Including relevant keywords in your page headings directly affects the ranking of your content on Google search engines and increases your web page’s reach. Choosing apt keywords is directly proportional to the ROI your website achieves. 

  • Numbers and statistics in page headlines can significantly catch scrolling eyes and result in incredible user engagement. 

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Implementing efficient SEO practices to your web pages’ headlines can become the forerunners for driving site traffic. Choosing the correct and compelling headline for your pages is one part art and one part science, requiring you to be highly conscious while drafting it. 

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