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What is a headline, and how do you make it effective?

Tips and tricks to writing an eye-catching headline


Even in Pulitzer prize-winning articles, the story’s content is the last thing read. Headlines are almost always the first thing that catches a reader’s eye. They are the hook, the reason a reader chooses to dive into a story rather than keep scrolling. This makes headlines possibly the most important — yet undervalued — aspect of any story.


When your company writes PR materials, blog posts, or articles submitted for publication, you should explore what makes an effective headline. 

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Our PR agency's documented proven process for earned media coverage

See how a public relations firm does earned media


We’ve previously discussed what earned media is and its role in public relations. However, knowing about earned media is one thing and doing it is another. For someone unfamiliar with this process, it seems almost impossible to know where to begin and how to get through it. However, there is help.


At Axia Public Relations, we’ve developed our own system for earned media that we’d like to share with you. We’ve included a visual chart showing how we do things and an explanation of each step.

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What is earned media for PR?

How does your company use and benefit from earned media


Earned media is organic news coverage your company receives. It’s not paid for like advertising. People often confuse earned media with paid media even though they have two very different meanings. 


The main difference is price. Earned media is not bought; it’s the outcome of having a product or service that other people want to talk about. Paid media, such as advertising, is promoted because you paid someone or a company to do that for you. 


Social media mentions, media coverage, and reviews on your product or service are all examples of earned media used in public relations. Earned media happens naturally, and it’s a result of good PR. 

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How to build a great Request for Proposals that attracts the best PR Agencies

A great proposal starts with a great RFP


Public relations is critical to the success of a company. Your company’s unique needs are important, and finding a partner provider who can solve your problems is critical. A strong, clear request for proposals is the best way to help providers propose creative, relevant, and cost effective business solutions for you.


The PR Council offers a free RFP guide to help your company build an RFP that brings you proposals. These proposals work to solve your business challenges, not create more problems and a complicated process. We think it’s a good resource, and we wanted to share it with you here. Before you submit a Request for Proposals, make sure you're working with a proper PR agency

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Signs you’re working with an ad agency instead of a PR firm

Use these questions to see if you’re working with an ad agency in disguise


You’ve recently started working with a PR agency. Everything looks good; they know what you want and the price is right. However, something seems…off about them now that you’ve established a business relationship. You can’t put your finger on it. They just don’t seem to be the PR firm you were expecting. In fact, they seem to be more of an ad agency. But how can you prove it?

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10 quick ways you and your company's PR can be more creative TODAY

It's hard for corporate communications and marketing professionals to be creative


Creativity would be easy if we had unlimited time, budgets, and resources. And since we don't, it can be hard for corporate communications and marketing professionals to be creative. 


We are expected to deliver unique and powerful ideas on the regular for our leadership team, clients, and customers. Sometimes inspiration comes from strange places. Since 2016, in an intentional effort to improve my creativity each day, I've been challenging myself to try new things, do things differently, and take more risks. It's now part of my daily DNA and my personal drive.

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Six PR standards for using quotes in corporate communications and media relations

Although only a few words, correct quote attribution gives your story more clarity and credibility


So much of PR relies on effective communication, including quoting your executives, citing experts in the field, and crafting news releases. Getting the right quote is only half the battle. Once you know what you want to include, you need to make sure the attribution is correct. Without proper attribution, you can lose your audience’s trust.


Quote attribution can be tricky as each quote scenario adheres to unique rules. At Axia Public Relations, we follow the “Associated Press Stylebook’s” quote attribution policies. Be sure to check your own organization’s copy editing stylebook on quote attribution as some organizations have different guidelines. 

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Why is copy editing important to PR?

Ensure external communications appeal to media with copy editing


As a public relations firm, we believe it’s important to provide you with a white-glove experience. One of the ways we do that is by offering comprehensive PR solutions and value-added services at no additional cost. One of those services is copy editing all content and documents that we share with the media, post on a newswire, or otherwise submit on your company’s behalf. 

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How to use inbound marketing to grow leads and sales

The digital age has changed marketing. Old-school tactics, like cold calling and direct mailing, are no longer effective as a means of increasing sales. Consumers have more control over what advertising they encounter, and most mass marketing campaigns are an exercise in futility. To grow leads and sales, you must attract prospective customers through thoughtful, insightful, informative, and entertaining content. In other words, you need a winning inbound marketing strategy.

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5 tools everyone in the PR industry should be using

In the world of public relations, things are always changing. New trends pop up and disappear every day. Information is constantly shared and as a PR professional, it's imperative to stay aware, act swiftly, and formulate subsequent steps wisely. In an industry that never sleeps, here are five tools every PR practitioner should use to stay ahead. 



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