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Fame, prominence, and how your company can benefit from influence

The celebrity, industry legend, and prominent local all reveal the importance of branding.


Fame has many forms, from globally-known industry legends to niche, local celebrities. Some figures gain recognition through individual achievement, while others achieve prominence through association with existing icons. Throughout the spectrums of prominence and fame, the megastar and the prominent local both have influence on different audiences. 


While the pinnacle of superstardom may elude most, meticulous messaging and reputation management can help any individual or brand stand out and gain prominence. With the right strategy, even a locally prominent figure can command some influence. A strategic approach in branding and public relations is often the key to amplify visibility and progress from the obscure to the newsworthy. 

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11 crisis management tactics to avoid or prepare for a PR disaster

Follow these best practices to ensure your company has a plan before a crisis strikes.


The biggest challenge when creating an action plan for a media crisis is not knowing where it will come from. Crisis communications planning always seems to fall to the bottom of the to-do list until it’s suddenly urgent. If your company waits until the moment of disaster, you’re already 10 steps behind. 

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Topics: PR tips, crisis communications

3 ways PR firms quote pricing dishonestly

Buyers beware! Another lesson on why hourly billing might be unethical.


Common pricing tactics other public relations firms employ are highly concerning. And based on what some of our newer clients are telling us, it seems to be a more common occurrence. 

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Should my organization take a stand on the Israel-Hamas war?

Hamas’s Oct. 7 attacks on Israel demonstrate organizations’ difficulty responding to even heinous terrorist attacks. Most people agree opposing terrorism is the logical and right thing to do. Taking a stand against any sort of violence publicly or internally with employees would then seem to be the next step, right? 


Some companies, organizations, and individuals are finding out that quick response is fraught with danger. 

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Topics: PR tips, shared media, social media

Communications is not communication: Why terminology matters in PR

Avoid beginner PR mistakes by understanding important industry terms and how to properly use them.


Though the difference between “communication” and “communications” is only one letter, these two terms have distinct meanings in strategic public relations. Understanding when to use each term is critical for PR professionals, as misusing these words can undermine carefully crafted messaging strategies.

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You should think twice before paying a PR firm by the hour

Using an agency with value-based pricing may be more advantageous to you. 


While many public relations agencies still rely on billing by the hour, this approach likely doesn’t serve your best interests. As this model becomes more adverse, agencies and clients find themselves at odds, and you have to face numerous disadvantages.

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How to use Google Autocomplete for higher search authority

Strategically optimize for autocomplete to boost your website traffic and convert more leads online.


Google's autocomplete search predictions operate like free advertising space on the world's most popular search engine. When relevant keyword phrases pop up in the user’s search, companies receive prime visibility to countless people. For any organization, a high ranking in autocomplete results can be transformational, funneling customers straight to your website. 

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Topics: digital PR, SEO, PR tips

5 ways to automate PR processes for streamlined lead generation

Automation in PR can improve your company’s lead generation process.


PR helps businesses clearly communicate company messages to target audiences, but only effective strategies can ensure businesses cut through competition and establish consumer relationships with increased engagement and sales. With the business-to-consumer relationship as a priority, PR pros can become more efficient with new technology.

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Topics: digital PR, PR tips

7 responsible principles to guide the use of AI in public relations

When used effectively, innovative AI tools can enhance PR practices.


Professional communications tools enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) systems are revolutionizing business processes. Axia Public Relations is committed to innovation and using AI tools to benefit you and your company. 

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Topics: PR tips, technology

The pros and cons of working for a public relations agency

Before committing to an agency, weigh the advantages and downsides of a PR career.


Working for a PR agency has many advantages. Agencies allow maximum creativity and for ideas to flow more easily, though PR agencies and in-house communications departments can both be beneficial to your company. To help you decide which might work best for you, here is a list of pros and cons for hiring a PR agency. 

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