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Playing the PR Game to Win: The Value of Smart PR

By Jason Mudd
Fireworks celebrating the start of 2024.
    1. 2023’s Biggest Moments in PR
    2. Public companies face stricter rules with ESG reporting.
    3. 60-Second Close: The Value of Smart PR





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1. 2023’s Biggest Moments in PR

  • Superstar Taylor Swift shocked fans with an unexpected relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelse. The relationship has proven a mutually lucrative PR move for the two icons. It shows how bold and unlikely partnerships can produce stunning PR results.
  • Elon Musk faced criticism over the mass layoffs at X (formerly Twitter). Musk seems to spare no concern for his newly unemployed workforce. The staff shake-up removed about 80% of the retinue, demonstrating how PR pros must handle layoffs with empathy and transparency to foster trust. 
  • Open AI Fired and reinstated CEO Sam Altman, leading to employee resignations and protests. PR reps can learn that leadership changes demand thorough planning, clear communication, and strategic alignment.

2. Public companies face stricter rules with ESG reporting.

  • Companies who have jumped on the bandwagon for reporting their ESG ratings may face tighter regulations from the SEC regarding how they represent themselves. 
  • Even for companies that aren't public, comms pros must be careful to prevent being accused of "greenwashing" or otherwise being disingenuous. 
  • The SEC’s “Name Rule” requires 80% of a fund’s asset portfolio to agree with the asset advertised in its name. Note that affected organizations have 90 days to comply with this crackdown.


60-Second Close: The Value of Smart PR

  • Communication pros can learn some invaluable lessons from the events of 2023. We’ve seen our fair share of brilliant examples, like the “Traylor” relationship, where brilliant team-ups can be lucrative. On the other hand, when you don't plan or communicate well, it can lead to a disaster like the blunder of greenwashing.
  • Whether planning a strategic partnership or making internal changes, the PR pros at Axia Public Relations can guide you. Our recognized experts will help you navigate the hurdles and triumphs of communication. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you play the PR game smartly. 

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