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How to respond to positive, negative and neutral comments on social media

By Bre Chamley

The good, the bad and the ugly: a guide to responding to social media comments


A person holding a smartphone with social media apps on it.It’s important to maintain your company’s reputation and foster a community while building your organization’s brand. This means you should respond to comments whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. However, it might be hard to gauge what an appropriate response is. This is a guide to responding to positive, negative and neutral social media comments:




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How to respond to positive comments:

  • Acknowledge the comment.
  • Thank them for their time.
  • Let them know you appreciate them.
  • Let them know you appreciate the positive feedback.

How to respond to negative comments:

  • Solve problems with orders or products.
  • Let them know you are sorry and that you are fixing the problem. 
  • Use a polite, customer-friendly voice.
  • If comments are aggressive while your brand has done nothing wrong, it’s best to ignore the comment or to let your manager know.
  • Block or report users who are repeatedly posting inaccurate, critical comments.

Neutral comments consist of questions about products or posts, or even just tagging someone within the comments. These comments are a great way to engage with your users.


How to respond to neutral comments:

  • Always answer their questions.
  • Point them to appropriate sources, including a page on your website.
  • Ask them a question in response to their comment.
  • Engage with them by adding an appropriate comment back.

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