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What does your audience want to hear?

By Cole Purvis

Public relations professionals focus on their target audience in their communications.


An ear.Persuading the consumer is often easier than you might think. Sometimes, all that it takes is a step away from yourself and toward your audience. A simple shift in the subject of your messaging can make all the difference.




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Public relations is an effective resource for an organization, if used correctly. Strategic messaging can build a bridge between yourselves and your target audiences through strategic communications and intentional storytelling.


Too often, we blur the focus of our efforts and lose the attention of our publics along the way. Every chance you get to advocate your brand to the consumer is invaluable to the success of your organization. Capitalize on such opportunities when presented.


The question is: How do we effectively shape brand messaging to garner long-standing support?


Differentiate yourself to the consumer

One of the most common mistakes made in public relations is failing to understand how to effectively engage and communicate with target audiences. We like to talk about ourselves. When curating your message content, there is a natural inclination to expound upon your brand’s prestige and personal success. 


That may be what entices and excites you as a representative, advocate, or stakeholder of your own brand, but it fails to provide a reason why anyone else should care. The most effective way to ensure positive media exposure is to explain not what your brand has done for itself but what your brand can do for others.


A simple solution: Focus on the audience

An entity’s top priority will always be itself, and successful, audience-focused brands will liken themselves to a solution to their audience’s problems. 


Achieving this is simple; shift the subject of your communication efforts from yourself to your target audience. In practice, messaging that roughly translates to “this is who we are and why we are great,” should be refocused and corrected to “this might be who you are; here is why we are great for you.” 


This simple framework, accompanied with strategic media placement and outreach, is a tried and true recipe for communication that is powerful, persuasive, and provides a true sense of value for the consumer.


If you want to learn more about how we can help you improve your storytelling, contact us at 888-PR-FIRM-8 or book a no-obligation consultation today.


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