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The Value of Understanding Your Audience

By Jason Mudd

A chili pepper and a bottle of ketchup.

  1. Heinz Takes Aim at "Stupid Spicy" with Hilarious New Campaign
  2. Home Depot and Behr Team Up with Big Data Push 
  3. 60-Second Close: The Value of Knowing Your Audience






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1. Heinz Takes Aim at "Stupid Spicy" with Hilarious New Campaign

  • In its latest ad campaign, Heinz declared war on what it deems “stupid spicy” foods. Claiming that the food world is overrun by unnecessarily spicy edible options, the global condiment company offers a solution with its new line of pepper-themed ketchup. The clever campaign utilizes strategic humor to relate to its audience while gently poking fun at excessively spicy foods.

  • Humor can play a significant role in the field of public relations by enhancing engagement, establishing rapport, and creating memorable client interactions. PR Week notes that by utilizing humor in public relations strategies, organizations are more likely to be memorable, relatable, and positively associated.

  • Heinz’s ”stupid spicy” campaign shows that you don't even have to like ketchup to get the audience talking about your brand. Engaging with a larger audience requires connections, which humor can provide.

2. Home Depot and Behr Team Up with Big Data Push

  • Home Depot and paint company Behr teamed up to market their pick for 2024’s Color of the Year, “Cracked Pepper.” The two home improvement companies collaborated by leveraging Home Depot’s retail media data to determine potential consumers. This strategic team-up provided insight and data-driven trends to select Cracked Pepper as the most coveted paint color. Then the strategic use of first-party data directed the prospective campaigns to target potential buyers.

  • As demand for measurable data metrics increases, the value of insight into audience preferences drives how companies communicate and advertise. Strategically implementing data-driven public relations tactics enables message customization, targeted audience engagement, effective campaign performance tracking, and ROI measurement.

  • Home Depot’s and Behr’s collective strategy to implement Big Data in planning PR campaigns follows a current trend of public relations tactics that center on data-driven awareness of the target audience. Using data as a planning tool rather than a reactionary market tracker is proving much more effective at creating successful campaigns and public relations.  

3. 60-Second Close: The Supreme Value in Audience Analysis

  • Heinz, Home Depot, and Behr demonstrate strategic implementation of public relations tactics through understanding their audience and target consumers. Understanding an audience's needs, pain points, goals, and demographics is essential to successful public relations. Whether utilizing humor, like Heinz, or data-driven planning, like Home Depot and Behr, the measure of a successful PR campaign is understanding the audience.

  • Market and enterprise brands must understand how to communicate effectively with potential clients and consumers. Knowing how to implement humor, strategic data points, and up-to-date market trends is essential for message relevance and creating memorable interactions.

Axia Public Relations thrives on understanding what makes an audience tick and how to engage them with impactful campaigns and content. Our first-class public relations professionals utilize creative solutions backed by data-driven results. Connect with me to learn how to put our PR services to work for your organization. 


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