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What will employees think if your company hires a PR agency?

By Axia Public Relations

What might’ve happened in the TV series ‘The Office’ Dunder Mifflin hired a PR agency for the Scranton branch?


A handshake.Hiring a public relations agency for your company can be a substantial change, especially for employees. Such a change can bring about uncertainty along with positive results. This imaginary scene from the TV series “The Office” illustrates what employees in a company like your own might think if you hire a PR firm.




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Corporate has just hired a public relations firm to help improve Dunder Mifflin’s reputation and public image, and representatives from the agency are arriving at the office. Michael Scott stands in front of the office, addressing the camera.




Welcome to the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin! We're excited to have you here to help us with our public relations.


The camera pans to show Pam and Jim sitting at their desks, looking a bit skeptical.



(to JIM)

I'm not sure how much we really need PR. We're just a small branch office.




I don't know. Maybe it'll be good for us to have some outside help.


The camera cuts to show Dwight and Angela sitting at their desks. Dwight looks excited, while Angela looks annoyed.




I can't wait to see what these PR experts have in store for us!



(rolling her eyes)

I just hope they don't try to change who we are.


The camera shows Ryan and Kelly sitting at their desks, chatting excitedly.



(to KELLY)

I can't wait to see what they have planned for us! Maybe they'll give us all new clothes or something.




Oh, that would be so amazing.


The camera shows the PR agency arriving at the office, led by a confident-looking woman named Sarah. She approaches Michael with a warm smile.




Hi, I'm Sarah from the PR agency. It's great to meet you.




It's great to meet you too! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.




We have a few ideas that we think will really help boost the image of the Scranton branch.


The camera shows the PR agency meeting with the rest of the office staff, discussing their plans for a new social media campaign and a rebranding of the office. The employees are excited about the changes, but also a bit nervous about what the future will hold.


As the episode ends, the camera pans back to show the office, now with a fresh new look, as the employees work together to embrace the changes the PR agency introduced.




Does this sound like a situation your company is facing? Read our blog post “How will hiring a public relations agency affect your company internally?” (coming soon!) to learn more about how employees may react to a newly hired PR agency.

These changes are something corporate leaders should be aware of and prepare for when hiring a PR agency. To learn more about what you should know before hiring a PR agency, read our e-book “15 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring a PR Firm” for some inside tips.


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