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6 takeaways from the Propel Q2 2023 Media Barometer

By Bre Chamley

Two people talking.Media barometers help us analyze the reach of different media. Propel PRM released their Q2 media barometer for 2023. Here are the most notable highlights gathered from the report:





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  1. Overall, only 2.91% of the pitches PR professionals sent to journalists received responses.
  2. Opened pitches increased from last year to 48%.
  3. Podcast pitches increased by 21% in Q1 compared to 2022.
  4. Podcast pitches were responded to 15% of the time.
  5. Pitches that mentioned AI were opened at a whopping 91%. However, only 1.96% received responses.
  6. Generated AI pitches, though, were more effective as they were responded to 11% of the time.

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Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Topics: earned media, news media

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