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The best media pitch is a story that's already done

By Lindsey Chastain

A present.Positive media attention can make or break a company. It can increase brand recognition, attract new customers, and generate revenue. But earning that media coverage can be difficult. So, what’s the key to success? Knowing when to pitch the right story to the appropriate contacts at the appropriate outlet at the right time. Let’s dive into what a "done for you" story pitch is and how it can help your company garner positive media attention.


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A "done for you" media pitch is a comprehensive story that includes research, sources, quote, and visuals — making it easier for journalists to say “yes” to your story because you’ve already provided them with everything they need to tell the story in an engaging, educational, and entertaining manner for their audience. 


The concept of pitching a story that’s already done and includes newsworthy factors, ready sources, and appealing images isn’t new. However, it’s a potent tool that can simulate and facilitate the media's work and increase the likelihood of coverage. When journalists have everything they need at their fingertips, they can quickly review your pitch, read the story, and determine whether it’s appropriate for their audience. If it is, they can simply proceed with the news story without investing significant time or resources.


There are a few factors to keep in mind when you’re putting together the media pitch. Remember that a compelling narrative should be timely, informative, and captivating. It should offer a new viewpoint or angle on a current event or trend. It should also provide value to the audience by including data, insights, or professional analysis. And most importantly, ensure your story is relevant and newsworthy. 


It’s also important to tailor your pitch to each publication and journalist when pitching to multiple publications. Investigate the publication and journalist individually to understand their audience and interests so you can craft a relevant, engaging, and tailored pitch. This also helps to build relationships with each journalist, thus increasing the likelihood of future coverage.


But that’s not all. In addition to a well-crafted narrative, visuals are a necessary component of any media pitch. Visuals enhance the story by making it more engaging and memorable, so attach high-quality images, videos, or infographics to help bring your story to life.


While a packaged story can increase the chances of media coverage, know not every media outlet will cover your story. Don’t expect coverage from the same outlet within a month unless you are a well-known brand in your industry, among consumers, or in a geographic market. Therefore, it’s essential to have a diverse media strategy and to pitch to multiple outlets.


The most effective media pitch is a story that’s already completed. With a well-crafted pitch on one hand and a diverse media strategy on the other, you can increase the likelihood of media coverage and contribute to the success of your business. 


Ready to get started on pitching a story and growing your positive media coverage? Ask our experienced team at Axia Public Relations about how we can help today.


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