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PR is More Than Media Coverage: 10 PR Strategies Your Organization May Be Overlooking

By Axia Public Relations

10 additional PR strategies and tactics you should add to your PR program


A man typing on a computer.When people unaware of public relations talk about PR, they usually envision it as a world of press releases and wining and dining, all with the ultimate goal of getting media coverage. However, these are far from what modern PR is like.


Modern PR practitioners use various tools, such as social media, and have many strategies to help spread a company's story worldwide. The rise of effective data gathering has helped PR pros refine ideas in a way that never would've been possible a few decades ago. While media coverage is still part of PR, it's no longer what defines it.


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If you or your company wants to get a taste of how modern PR strategies are done, take a look at these 10 strategies PR firms across the world employ.


  1. Content marketing

Creating and sharing valuable and relevant content to attract and engage your target audience. Content marketing can include blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more.


  1. Thought leadership

Establishing your company's leadership as an expert in your industry by creating and sharing insightful, thought-provoking content.


  1. Employee advocacy

Encouraging and empowering your employees to share your organization's content and messaging on their personal social media channels or at seminars, trade shows, or wherever they may have the opportunity to evangelize.


  1. Influencer partnerships

Collaborating with social media influencers to strategically promote your organization's products or services with their followers.


  1. Community engagement

Building relationships with the communities where your organization operates by participating in local events, volunteering, and sponsoring local initiatives.


  1. Crisis management

Developing a plan beforehand and executing that plan to proactively manage crises and mitigate negative publicity.


  1. Brand journalism

Creating and sharing news stories about your organization and its impact on the industry or community.


  1. Speaking engagements

Securing speaking opportunities for your organization's leaders at industry conferences and events.


  1. Awards and recognition

Applying for and winning awards (and the ensuing recognition) for your company's achievements.


  1. Partnering with nonprofits

Collaborating with nonprofit organizations that align with your company's values and mission to support social causes and gain positive publicity.


PR strategies and tactics like those above can help your brand increase visibility, improve understanding of products or services, build trust among critical audiences, and increase engagement. 

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