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HARO Shifts to Connectively: What does this mean for PR professionals?

By Lindsey Chastain

The rebranding of HARO by Cision may be a game-changer for PR professionals.


A person checking out Connectively.In the fast-changing landscape of public relations, we continuously seek tools to streamline processes and maximize value for clients. The recent rebranding of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), an online platform that connects journalists with expert sources for their news stories and reporting, to Connectively represents an exciting shift in PR outreach capabilities.



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As a veteran user of HARO, I appreciated its role in connecting journalists and relevant sources. However, limitations were apparent in the outdated email system. The crowded inboxes and lack of search filters made identifying strategic opportunities time-consuming and inconsistent.


Connectively’s Potential

Connectively.us, the rebranding of HARO by Cision, aims to modernize media outreach for PR professionals. While the new platform offers some streamlining of the outdated HARO email system, it remains to be seen whether Connectively will drastically improve the experience.


Diving into Connectively is straightforward. The platform has a fresh, modern feel, and pitching will be much easier. The pitch tracking feature will hopefully be more effective than the previous HARO tracking, which, in my experience, was rarely updated.


The searchable database and array of filters enable more targeted searching for journalist queries. This may improve efficiency for users who previously spent time sifting through crowded inboxes. However, some PR professionals may not utilize the full breadth of available filters. The pitch tracking form also promotes coordination across outreach campaigns, but it’s not clear whether these features will substantially improve pitching success. 


The reimagining of HARO as Connectively aims to bring media outreach into the modern digital era. But realizing its full potential impact depends on PR teams taking time to incorporate its offerings into their workflow. While Connectively's interface is undoubtedly smoother than HARO's dated email setup, the rebranding may not be an instant game-changer. For now, the platform represents one step in the ongoing evolution of media relations but still lags behind other platforms.


Best Practices for PR Professionals Using Connectively

A standout profile on Connectively can set the stage for success. It's your digital business card – ensure it reflects your expertise and achievements. When it comes to pitching, personalization is paramount. Tailor each pitch to resonate with the reporter's query and the ethos of their outlet. Above all, be valuable, relevant, and timely. Consistency in checking and responding to queries can be the difference between a missed opportunity and a PR win.


Users will need to fully leverage the array of filters, pitch-tracking tools, and database search functions for optimal results, but the improvements are a promising start.


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