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Our Agency's Documented Proven Process for Social Media Best Practices

By Bre Chamley

Our three-step process ensures quality social media content.


A woman on a computer.As a public relations agency, we provide news media, social media, and web media to help build excellent relationships between companies and their target audiences.


For social media, we create engaging content with graphics and captions, native to each social media platform. After developing the scope of work for an organization, we follow this three-step, documented proven process for social media content. 


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1. Create Content

We recommend making 80% of your content evergreen. This way, you can schedule proactive content to post regularly in the future.


Then, the other 20% of your content is reactive or improvised. This means we generate content that’s relevant and specific to a new topic, trend, meme, or any newsworthy event and relate it back to your organization. This allows spontaneity and creativity, so you can leverage new trends to generate engagement. Having evergreen content as the bulk of your posts, however, relieves the pressure of coming up with fresh content every day. 


Another best practice we use also follows an 80-20 rule: According to HubSpot, 80% of your posts should be helpful, not promotional or “selling” content. If more than 20% of your content focuses on promotions or special offers, your audience will feel awkward, uncomfortable, and most likely bail on your company.


2. The content requires multiple approvals

Each piece of content goes through a series of approvals. First, we have our social media specialists create the content. They generate a month's worth of content at one time. Before and during the creation stage, we look at ideas and drafts during our weekly social media meetings. Colleagues from other account teams at our agency share feedback and ideas to improve each post idea.


After the creation of the content, we peer review it. Then we send it to the account executive to provide feedback and make any necessary adjustments based on the unique preference and style of the client. Next, we present it to the client and let them know the content hasn’t been copy edited yet — the last stage.


The client will review the month’s worth of scheduled content and share feedback with the account executive, who will pass the feedback on to the social media team and document it in our nuance document for that account.


The nuance document is a document that’s shared with individuals within our public relations agency who are working on that account. It has all of the information about the client’s style, contact, and any other preferences they may have. That way, we only have to ask questions once, get to know the company quicker, and easily train new employees working on the account. 


The longer you work with us, the more information we’ll have in the nuance document, and the better we’ll know your organization. Within the first month, our clients feel confident that we have a solid understanding of their brand and social media preferences and opt out of content review. Regardless, their content still goes through our approval process: social media meeting review, peer review, and account executive review.


3. The content gets copyedited

The final step of our process is to have all of the content copy edited. Our social media specialists are experts in creating trending, engaging content that follows your brand’s guidelines. Our social media specialists and our account managers are not grammarians or professionals in copy editing. They are experts in content creation and managing accounts.


Our copy editors solely focus on editing. Each copy editor at Axia has a specific role, too, like focusing on social media, news media, or web content. Our social media copy editors hold each piece of our content, captions, and graphics to a high standard that’s specifically styled for your brand as well.


After this process, you’ll have a month’s worth of concept-checked, proofread, and copy edited content. 


If you need help with your social media and like our social media process, check out our expert social media services.


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