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What does evergreen mean for the media?

By Marjorie Comer

Journalists want evergreen content; pitch stories that stay relevant


An evergreen article is a type of article you should always consider.Evergreen is a term in journalism and public relations that means the content isn’t time sensitive. It’s news your company shares that doesn’t have a shelf life and won’t go stale. Evergreen stories are perpetually relevant and always interesting to readers. It’s not breaking news or specific to a season or holiday. 


Evergreen articles are a great option for days when there isn’t breaking news happening. Media outlets love evergreen content because it provides value for their audiences long after it’s published. (See “4 things journalists want you to know” for more on media relations.)


Here are some topics that are NOT evergreen: 

  • Stories about COVID-19 (Other health topics can be evergreen, such as heart disease)

  • Specific holiday and seasonal items

  • Features on trends, like fanny packs or the “Rachel” haircut 

  • Political stories, especially during an election year 

  • Natural disaster articles and stories

Evergreen stories are usually informative, like how-to guides and lists. They provide data and facts that aren’t likely to change, such as case studies. An example of an evergreen story is a mortgage lender giving advice on how to negotiate mortgage rates. Reporters like to keep evergreen stories in their back pocket for slow news days. Evergreen content appeals to media outlets because they can run the story several times to share and repurpose it. 

Learn media relations from the media to ensure you’re pitching and sharing the correct type of story.


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