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4 ways to repurpose company content online

By Bre Chamley

Become recognized as a source of authority by repurposing your media.


A person typing on a computer.If your company is looking to scale content amount and audience reach, repurposing content is a tried and true method. Podcast interviews, awards, earned media, and any other recognition from your company can provide great opportunities to create content for your social media channels and website. A blog post can become multiple social media posts, while an interview and earned awards can become social media and blog posts. The opportunities are endless. 


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You should always repurpose your company’s content in at least two ways. Here are four methods to repurpose your company’s content.


  1. Write a blog post about your company’s recognition, awards, or podcast interviews. 
    Use this as a way to highlight company success and recent news, as well as educate potential clients.

  1. Repost a social media post with an original thought that mirrors company values and ambition. Positioning your company as an authoritative voice builds credibility and establishes your company as an industry thought leader.


  1. Create an original social media post with quotes or takeaways from videocast interviews, news releases, company awards, employee awards, and other earned media. When doing so, make sure to tag anyone involved and use relevant hashtags.


  1. Include content in your company’s newsletter. This gives your audience another chance to absorb your company information.


Work smarter, not harder. Your company is likely producing a good amount of content, and repurposing it will only help others recognize your company as a source of authority.

To learn more about repurposing content, book a one-on-one consultation with us today!


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