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Yulia Dianova

Yulia Dianova Yulia Dianova is a public relations professional who is skilled in building relationships with target audiences. She provides counsel to organizations that seek PR help to further their growth and reach their goals. Yulia earned a master’s degree in public relations management from University of Maryland University College. She is fluent in Russian and English and is always looking for a new challenge. Yulia has worked for Axia Public Relations since July 2015. Learn more about Yulia Dianova. Read Yulia's recent blog posts below.

Recent Posts:

3 critical aspects of public relations your brand won’t survive without

If you don’t know exactly how to define public relations, you're not alone. Many professionals in the PR industry have trouble defining public relations. In fact, there are a few definitions that focus on different aspects of public relations and its role for your company.

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Topics: Earned media

3 reasons news releases should be a part of your content marketing campaign

How to grow your brand using a press release

Everything in the world of public relations and communications is changing fast. There are many new tactics, techniques and tools you can use to build mutually beneficial relationships with your public. How does the old-school press release fit in? Some PR pros say it’s dead; others contend that news releases are still relevant in PR today. Here are three reasons why the news release is still an effective marketing tool.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, Press Release, Earned media

3 steps to rock your interview on Facebook Live

How to broadcast an interview to increase your audience engagement

Facebook Live has quickly become the hottest new live-streaming platform. People share their personal stories through Facebook Live. Brands stream their own unique content to connect with their key audiences.

One of the most successful interactive experiences is broadcasting an interview. You can interview a VIP in your company, a happy client or anyone else and share it with your key audiences through Facebook Live.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, Online Public Relations, Shared Media

4 reasons Facebook Live is an effective way to build media relations

How to connect with media outlets using Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one of the greatest features on Facebook. You can use it in many ways to promote your brand. It allows you to broadcast a live video right to your audience through your company page or personal profile. Using Facebook Live, you can create buzz about your brand and connect with your key audiences, including the media.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, Online Public Relations, Shared Media

3 golden rules of PR ethics in 2018

How to be an ethical public relations professional

Some people think of public relations professionals as manipulators of public perceptions. Sadly, some individuals view PR strategies as tools to trick people into doing something. PR professionals are often accused of distorting reality and spreading propaganda. How do you avoid ethical accusations in your PR practice? Here are three rules to remember to remain ethical as a PR practitioner.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, Ethics, Earned media

4 signs that you’re overposting on social media

How to avoid losing your social media followers

A successful social media strategy requires commitment and consistency. Posting original, entertaining and useful content regularly is essential to success. Sometimes, in spite of your efforts, you see a drop in your social media key performance indicators. This might be a sign that you’re posting too much.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, Online Public Relations, Shared Media

Promote your brand on Facebook Live

6 steps to grow your client base using livestreaming on Facebook

FacebookLive is a great way to build relationships with your key audiences. You get to know your target public and tell them about your brand. It’s easy to stream live on your company’s Facebook page and connect with your followers. Here are six important steps for you to succeed.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, Online Public Relations, Shared Media

3 key ways to use social media for crisis communications

How to make the most of social media when times are tough

Even the most seasoned public relations professionals find managing social media in a crisis challenging. News spreads fast on social media. Things can escalate in a matter of minutes. Marketing departments are often in a position where they must act swiftly and shrewdly when their company’s reputation is at stake. The good news is that social media can help you mitigate crises when you use it wisely.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, Crisis Communications, Shared Media

5 media-pitching rules for 2018

How to build long-lasting media relationships

When you think of media, you think about placement for your company’s product or service. However, media is much more than getting your story published. Pitching your story to the media is about creating long-term mutually beneficial relationships with journalists. How do you pitch so that journalists will pick your content and connect with you as a source for their future stories?

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured

3 ways to step up your SEO game

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a controversial topic for many marketers. With Google often changing its algorithms, some companies doubt whether SEO should remain an important part of their online marketing efforts. Google strives to bring the best search results to its users based on how people interact with content. By incorporating these techniques, you can optimize your company’s marketing endeavors.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, SEO, Online Public Relations

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