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Facebook marketing success in 4 easy steps

By Yulia Dianova

Facebook binocularsHow to make the most of your company Facebook business page

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. TechCrunch reports the social media giant had 2.23 billion monthly active users as of April 2019. Companies that want to connect with their target audiences should definitely be engaging them on Facebook.

However, today’s Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts from friends and family over any business content. Does this mean that your company’s content stands no chance against kittens and puppies?

The answer is that business pages can still build a successful organic following and reach. Your Facebook marketing strategy might need a few adjustments to reach your target audience. Here is what you can do:


1. Post more videos.

We know that content with images performs much better than plain text or a link. It’s not surprising that Facebook posts containing videos are outperforming images. People like visuals. Your company can offer a great variety of videos to its followers to captivate their attention and engage with them: how-to videos, behind the scenes, interviews, success stories, humorous clips, and personal stories – just to name a few. Facebook posts with videos gain much better engagement and are worth the effort.


2. Start a conversation with your audience.

Facebook wants us to connect, socialize, and have conversations. Start a conversation with your target audience by asking a question or using captivating visuals (pictures, memes, infographics, videos, image carousels). Contests are great conversation starters and a perfect way to interact and engage with your followers.


3. Support your organic reach with Facebook ads.

Your company’s business page will benefit greatly from a well-crafted Facebook ad. Facebook offers many opportunities for companies to promote their products and services and reach their target audiences through Facebook advertising. By installing a Facebook pixel on your company site, you can craft laser-targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to reach your potential customers.


4. Use Facebook Analytics.

Analyzing both your business page performance and your Facebook ads is the key to your future success. Your Facebook Insights page will show you how your business page is performing, including key audience demographics, your most popular content, engagement, and other statistics. This data is very useful for your future Facebook content marketing strategy.

Facebook marketing is one of the best ways to increase your company’s visibility, get new leads, and convert your followers into customers. Axia Public Relations implements social media marketing strategies to grow its clients’ companies. Download Axia’s complimentary e-book The Essential Social Media Management Guide to take your company to the next level.

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IMG_9598RTClients love Yulia’s eagerness to take on new challenges and her experience in building relationships with target audiences. She has worked with Axia Public Relations since July 2015. Yulia earned a master’s degree in public relations management from University of Maryland University College. She is fluent in Russian and English. Learn more about Yulia.


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