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How to create a content marketing strategy that will actually work

By Yulia Dianova

A meeting for content marketing development.High-quality content plays a critical role in your company's digital marketing efforts. Even with upcoming changes to Google, a good page experience doesn't override having great, relevant content. 


How do you create a content marketing strategy for your company that works? Many digital marketing experts strive to attract leads and convert them into loyal customers. 


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Here are some steps to follow when creating a quality content marketing strategy:

  1. Know your audience—To have a successful content marketing strategy, you need to know your target audience, or who you are writing for. Your readers' interests should be driving your content strategy. 

Look at data to see what previous content resonated with your audience, what is popular with your readers, and what did not particularly interest them. Surveys and Google analytics can help companies narrow in on what content is best to include in their marketing strategy, which will insure success. 

  1. Set up your content strategy goals—Setting goals is essential. What does your company want to achieve by creating this content? Your goals will need measurable KPIs to help you to stay on track and measure your content strategy success.
  1. Choose the right channel to distribute your content—Knowing your audience and what they want to read is not the only thing to keep in mind while creating your company's content marketing strategy. Where you deliver your content is equally important to your success.

Audiences will only discover your company’s content if it is published where they will see it. If most of your target audience is on Facebook, this should be the main channel for your content distribution.

  1. Analyze and adjust—Your company content strategy will need to evolve with your readers’ preferences. Analyzing how your content performs and making necessary adjustments every few months will keep your audience interacting with the content that suits them best. 

As content remains the most critical part of any marketing strategy, we strive to improve our clients’ content strategy and deliver results. Start by downloading our free “Target Audiences Analysis Template.”


IMG_9598RT-1Clients love Yulia’s eagerness to take on new challenges and her experience in building relationships with target audiences. She has worked with Axia Public Relations since July 2015. Yulia earned a master’s degree in public relations management from University of Maryland University College. She is fluent in Russian and English. Learn more about Yulia.


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