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Is your company measuring social media all wrong?

4 tips to be sure you’re measuring your social media efforts correctly

Just because everyone is doing something wrong doesn’t make it right. This is especially true when it comes to measuring social media efforts for your company. With these tips, you can learn the correct way to measure and get the most out of your social media.

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What’s the difference between measurement and evaluation?

With the increased emphasis on quantifying the results of public relations actions, having a solid grasp of the fundamentals of measurement and evaluation is essential in making wise decisions around the use of data. Although many people put them together, measurement and evaluation are separate concepts. To be most effective, you must remember that they’re distinct tasks at different places within the framework of data collection and analysis. 

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Why you should stop using Advertising Value Equivalency to measure earned media coverage

Advertising Value Equivalency is an outdated PR measurement


Earned media coverage is a terrific way to get your organization in front of audiences that may want to purchase your products and services. Unlike advertising, earned media is an unpaid, third-party mention – that may be a quote, an endorsement or interview. How do you measure earned media coverage and prove its value to executives? Make sure you discuss measurement with your public relations agency early in the relationship so you have shared objectives for communication efforts.


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When to discuss measurement with your PR firm

5 questions to ask your PR firm to initiate a measurement conversation

When you bring on a public relations firm, one of your first conversations should be about measurement. This helps both parties identify the need for a PR campaign and the overall goal for your organization. In order to establish collaborative goals and a shared vision for your campaign, you need measurable objectives in your communication plan.

Axia Public Relations covers 15 mistakes companies make when hiring a PR firm, and not having a measurement conversation is mistake #14. It’s important to have the measurement conversation with your PR firm in the initial steps of planning your PR campaign.

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5 metrics you should measure in PR

Creating specific and measurable goals is vital to establishing a foundation for successful integration of data analysis to business strategy. Without a goal, the time, energy and money you spend on acquiring and aggregating data will leave you directionless. So, which analytics matter most in public relations?


Typical key performance indicators (KPIs) include marketing campaign ROI; profits analyzed for variables, such as product, region, salesperson, etc.; and monthly projections/reality and month/month change amounts. Those are hopefully all numbers already in your data toolbox. You also must include metrics particular to PR.

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Data analytics for public relations

Which analytics matter most in PR? How do I know what to measure?

Within the business world, the volume and velocity of data continues to command attention. In the public relations sphere, knowing what to focus on, given the data analysis capabilities available in the crowd of business software applications, can be overwhelming.

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Why you need to spend time and money upfront to measure public relations properly

Begin your PR campaign the right way: Allow resources for measurement.

Most likely, your company measures sales, employee retention, and NPS scores. It’s also important to measure your marketing department's work along with your public relations agency of record.


Measurement must be a consistent process once you identify your key performance indicators. That’s easy if what you’re measuring is in-house and completely accessible. Hopefully, you already have the spreadsheets in place, so all you have to do is pull the sum at the bottom each week.


Companies should set aside resources for measuring their vendors' outputs, including their public relations agency. Being unwilling to spend the time and money upfront for proper PR measurement is one of the 15 mistakes companies make when hiring a PR firm. Read on to find out why you should include measurement in your PR budget.

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How to measure public relations


One of the top questions in public relations is, “How do I measure PR?” You can easily measure PR when you have a strong plan in place before your campaign begins. Researching what you want to accomplish and writing it down into a public relations plan allows you to see if you’ve met your PR goals.

The content of your PR plan will vary depending on your organization's goals. We’ve outlined exactly what kind of objectives you can work toward using the power of PR.

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6 areas to measure in your content marketing

How to tell if your content is performing well or lagging behind 


Your organization’s blog is up and running! You’re generating topics that are valuable to your audience and planning ahead with a long-term content strategy. Now what?


Measure and analyze your content marketing efforts every quarter or biannually to make sure you’re on the right track. Start by looking back at your S.M.A.R.T. objectives, which you should have listed in your content marketing plan.

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4 critical things you should know about measuring your success before you blame your PR firm

How to measure your PR campaign effectiveness without losing trust in your PR firm


Measuring your public relations campaign results is exciting and also tricky. Being on the same page with your PR firm about your campaign expectations and measurement metrics will help you with your PR efforts and guarantee your success in the future.

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