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We're not big on counting hours, activities, and deliverables; we're big on results. And here's why

By Hannah Feran

saffu-456002-unsplash (1)Busy work doesn't generate results. Outstanding work leads to the bigger impact


It happens every time. When explaining the nuances of our office culture, especially in regard to tracking hours, people are shocked to hear that as an agency, we don’t clock in, clock out, or keep personal time sheets. Sounds crazy, right? (There’s a method to the madness.)

Fast Company, a business magazine, spoke with a handful of productivity experts to get their perspectives on time sheets and their perils. One expert said, “A better strategy would be returning to the core principles of good time management.” And we believe the same. The principles of good time management really boil down to working at a comfortable pace that allows you to meet all your deadlines. So, if that means you pick up your kids at 3 p.m. from school and write a news release after dinner, then so be it.

Our business hours are 9 to 5; however, since we work remotely, our time management is entirely up to us. Want lunch at 10 a.m.? Go for it. Have to work through lunch to make it to a family gathering? No problem. Having the free reign to arrange your own day and set up meetings that fit your schedule is not only liberating, it amps up your productivity.

You shouldn’t determine productivity by how many hours you’re in front of your computer. Instead it’s the results your work brings. While we report weekly to ensure our clients are satisfied and we’re meeting deadlines, the overall philosophy of managers not breathing down employees’ backs leads to employees feeling trusted, valued, and, above all, happy. The sooner you sit back and give your employees the freedom to construct their days and use their time how they see fit, the sooner you’ll see a change in attitude and productivity.

Other agencies are big on micromanaging their employees. Their management style directly affects their productivity for you. Don’t settle for a public relations firm that hinders your growth. For tips on firing your current PR agency, download Axia’s complimentary e-book “How to Fire Your PR Firm” today.

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Hannah FeranHannah Feran is Axia’s shared media strategist. Clients appreciate Hannah’s attention to detail and passion to exceed their expectations. She works closely with clients to ensure their social media efforts are getting the attention they deserve from a carefully chosen audience. Hannah joined the Axia team in August 2018.


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