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6 Ways to Recover from PR Crisis and Online Reputation Management

Smart corporation communications executives know that all it takes is a single public relations crisis to bring down even the biggest enterprises in the industry. How the general public perceives your company directly correlates to how much they trust you. 


The moment there's a reputation crisis, you can expect your company to suffer greatly. The brand and image you carefully constructed and protected over time will inevitably be damaged. It will take an immense public relations initiative to reconstruct the public's perception of the company. Considering how easy it is to find something on the internet, it can take a lot of effort to make the online masses forget.

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Topics: crisis communications

How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Company

Are you still on the fence about embracing TikTok as your newest digital marketing channel? If so, it might be time to take the leap and join the latest trend that’s taking the world and its biggest brands by storm. 


The videos created on TikTok garner an average of over 17 billion views every month, and your company needs that kind of exposure to grow.


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks on the planet. It’s rapidly growing in popularity among trendy brands and young content creators aiming to expand their audiences, increase engagement, and reach millions of users with their content.

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Topics: online public relations, shared media, social media

How do Brands Utilize User-generated Content for Marketing?

Leverage the power of user-generated content to enhance your brand’s credibility and boost conversions.  


In an era where customers rave about products and services online, content marketing strategies need to focus more on user-generated content. 


The phrase user-generated content refers to the content that a brand’s customers create. Reviews, comments, and social media posts are a few examples of user-generated content. 

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Topics: online public relations

Reasons to Use a Podcast as a Marketing Tool

Speed up your marketing efforts by using podcasts to effectively target your niche


Podcasts have emerged as an incredible medium to reach your target audience, especially during the pandemic. With an active monthly listener base of 116 million people in the United States, podcasts are among the most sought-after new-age media channels. It weaves the audience together and provides both value and engagement. 


Podcasts can be even more beneficial for brands to market their products and interact with their prospective customers. Serving listeners with insightful information, it keeps them hooked to your platform and boosts engagement levels. 

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Topics: podcasting

7 Pillars for Online Reputation Management

Seven important pillars of online reputation management (ORM) to effectively manage your company’s image.


A significant part of your audience is online. According to Forbes, brands receive immense growth if their online presence is extensively reputed. This is the main reason why your company needs efficient online reputation management techniques. 


A reputed brand on the internet is more likely to receive a massive amount of sales since online platforms connect your brand to a wider community. 

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Topics: online reputation management

What is Social Selling?

What is it and how to get the most out of it


Do you want to reach more people and grow your company online? Social media platforms can help!


According to Backlinko, over 4 billion people globally use social media to engage with others and discover helpful products and services. This number keeps increasing, and because most users log on daily, you can use this opportunity to reach a wider audience. 

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Topics: online public relations, shared media, social media

What is strategy?

Before you can talk about strategy and have one, you must know how to define it.


Most public relations practitioners throw around the word “strategy,” but they don’t really know what it means. This post will help you understand, define, and develop a public relations and corporate communication strategy that stands out from the competition.

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Topics: PR planning

What is keyword stuffing?

How keyword stuffing can affect your brand online.


Keywords have always been one of the most prized possessions when it comes to the online space. Designed to make your content more search engine friendly, keywords can boost your search engine rankings and get your brand discovered. 


Just as anything in excess is bad, including too many keywords in your content can do more harm than good to your company. Stuffing your web page with the same long-tail phrases tends to kill your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and degrade your online visibility.

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Topics: owned media, web media

Save Time with These 5 Leading Social Scheduling Tools

Schedule your social media postings and create an astounding online impact


Almost everyone uses the internet, especially social media platforms. So by utilizing social media platforms, your company may see increased sales and revenues.


Efficient social media management is the only thing needed to utilize social media channels. This includes insightful analytics, strategies to increase your followers and engagement, and suggestions to improve your content. 

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Topics: shared media, social media

What is Google Analytics?

Monitor your website traffic and gain actionable insights with Google Analytics


Websites are a phenomenal way to present your brand to your target audience. It is a one-stop destination to share your company’s vision and mission. Thus, it is vital for you to thoroughly track and analyze your website and its traffic.

Google Analytics is a popular analytics tool to gauge the nuances of your website’s audience. These include their behavioral patterns, response to the web pages, and the varying trends over time. Let’s dive into what Google Analytics is all about and what kind of data it provides.

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Topics: measurement

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