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3 ways to generate authentic feedback online

How online feedback impacts consumer behavior and why it’s critical for sales success

Most likely, you’ve purchased at least one item in your home or office because you saw it on social media. You may have bought gifts for others or shopped for items for yourself based upon Instagram photos or a friend’s glowing Facebook post. Within this purchasing process is an important behavioral evolution.

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What is brand journalism and is it right for your company?

5 tips to help you use brand journalism to connect with your audience and boost your brand awareness

Most companies have a love/hate relationship with journalists. They know they need journalists to increase their visibility and boost their credibility, but getting their attention can be frustrating and time-consuming. As a result, many businesses take matters into their own hands by using brand journalism.

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7 tips for developing your key messages

Enhance customer relationships and control communications with key messages for your company

Suppose you find yourself in an elevator with an important stakeholder in your industry or city. Surprisingly, he notices your company logo on something you’re carrying and asks you to tell him about your company. What will you say?

If you’ve developed key messages about your company, the above situation shouldn’t be stressful. If you haven’t created such messages, enlist a public relations firm for help.

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Does your company have a brand ambassador program?

You could be missing key opportunities to build a fan base and ignite a movement around your brand

The ability to create and develop an exceptional brand is what separates companies that simply exist from those that are memorable. But what makes an outstanding brand? And how do you promote it? One vital tool is a brand ambassador program.

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How to develop a successful social media strategy

6 steps to creating a social media strategy for your company

Today, every company should have a strong presence on social media. Companies that use social media effectively incorporate a social media strategy. It’s essential for your business to develop a social media strategy to minimize wasted effort, time and data and to be sure your content is appropriate and aligns with other public relations and marketing goals.

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How citizen journalism impacts PR

3 steps to consider when working in the age of citizen journalism

United Airlines has certainly experienced its share of unexpected media attention the last few weeks. The first powerful wave occurred after passengers at an airport observed airline employees restricting two young ladies from boarding a plane, apparently due to their choice of clothing. Then, just a week later, viral video surfaced of federal law enforcement officials forcefully removing a passenger from one of United’s planes. Neither of these situations may have publicly played out as they did if it hadn’t been for the ever-present “citizen journalist.” Armed with camera phones, regular, ordinary Joe’s and Jane’s are serving as first-hand eyewitnesses and posting, tweeting and sharing unchecked snippets, which fuel a sensationalized news stream for all to consume.

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Why should my company care about blogging?

4 reasons you should use this critical PR tool

Research shows there are more than 150 million blogs in the world. Does your company have one of them? More importantly, should you really care?

Even when they do blog, some companies treat their blogs like many people treat a new car: exciting at first, but over time, they stop taking care of it. Once you understand the true benefits of blogging for your company, you’ll realize that you really can’t do without it.

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4 important don’ts for PR professionals

How to stay ethical in the digital marketing world

Ethics in public relations is critical. In today’s digital world, it’s so easy to reach a broad audience; you can influence consumers’ behavior and obtain useful information about them. You can use various marketing and PR strategies to convert consumers. This makes them very vulnerable to scams and deception.

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Think your audience isn’t on social media?

Why your company should definitely have a presence on social media 

Everyone’s talking about using social media in their marketing mix. If your company isn’t there yet, it may be because you think your target audience doesn’t use social media. If your customers aren’t what you envision as typical social media users, is it worth your time to have a presence there? Yes, it is. Here’s why …

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8 elements for successful content marketing

How you can create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience

Content plays a key role in your inbound marketing strategy because it attracts potential customers to your business. Content can be in the form of blog posts, podcasts, webinars and so much more – essentially, any material that consumers find valuable.

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