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Read this before sending another press release or pitch

Posted by Lisa Goldsberry, September 19, 2014

Use PR to help you avoid common writing mistakes and get media attention

What do you think when you read a resume rife with errors? It’s probably unlikely that the candidate will be offered the position. If it’s really bad, you may even stop reading it altogether, regardless of the listed experience.

That’s the same feeling journalists experience when they receive poorly written documents from you. 

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How do you decide where to send your press release

Posted by Lisa Goldsberry, September 18, 2014


You have created a press/news release. It has been edited several times and vetted through all the proper channels. Now what?

Crafting a press release or pitch is only half the battle when it comes to attracting media attention and achieving positive news coverage. Where you send a press release is often more important than what you send. Use PR to help you make the right decision for maximum effect.

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Who should you trust to handle your press releases?

Posted by Axia Public Relations, September 16, 2014

 Writing a press release is a sensitive issue. Public relations departments play a key role in the process and want to say something on press release content. The subject matter should sound professional and intelligent, and any information about the business partners should maintain their image. Writing a press release is not child’s play, nor is it a one-day task; it can take dozens of drafts to come out with a good press release. When you want to issue a press release from your company to the world, who should write it?

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Urban Outfitters: Plain poor judgment or PR success?

Posted by Axia Public Relations, September 16, 2014

By Wendy Bulawa Agudelo

The blood-spattered Kent State University sweatshirt on sale from Urban Outfitters this week caught the nation’s attention. A seemingly simple, one-off product created a stir so large that it fueled widespread outrage across social media platforms (see the #urbanoutfitters trending topic) and the public all but demanded a complete boycott of the company. Urban Outfitters now sits amid a crisis, working around the clock to mitigate this situation while effectively responding to the onslaught of media attention – negative though it may be – that the popular clothing company is now receiving.

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