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Rule 1: You are your reputation. Rule 2: See rule 1.

Posted by Lisa Goldsberry, July 31, 2014

What the European Google ruling on removing information may mean for your company

When you were in school, teachers often scared students into behaving well with threats of bad reports that would be put on their permanent records. Even they could not have foreseen how true this threat would become with the advent of search engines.

In our personal lives, small indiscretions and minor mistakes are typically signs of an interesting life well lived. Not so in business. Every company likely has some sort of information online that it would rather erase. Whether or not this ever becomes possible, it is important to recognize the impact of your online reputation

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How not to write a guest blog post

Posted by Lisa Goldsberry, July 30, 2014

7 PR tips to make the most of your guest blogging opportunities

Your CEO has been invited to be a guest blogger or write an opinion piece for an influential, widely read website in your industry, and your entire organization is very excited. This is an opportunity to get your companys name in front of a lot of potential customers and influential newsmakers. So dont blow it.

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Why your company needs public relations

Posted by Axia Public Relations, July 29, 2014

Public relations is often confused with marketing in the business world. However, while the two may be similar and have comparable objectives, there are several distinctions that set them apart. Often handled by the same individual or department in a company, public relations and marketing usually go hand-in-hand. One strengthens the other, making them both more effective and beneficial to company leaders. Public relations is just as vital as marketing, and management-level employers should take it seriously.

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After the storm: Minimizing the impact of a company mistake

Posted by Lauren Budik, July 28, 2014

Apple, Airbnb and GM might represent three different industries… But their paths have crossed during the past year when they’ve all had to make apologies to the public for their product and service failures.

Because of their sincerity and admittance of responsibility, their customers remain.

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