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3 effective ways to use social media for thought leadership

Social media provides many opportunities for thought leadership, but just logging in and posting a tweet every now and then is not enough. To be effective, you have to be committed. That means showing up and scanning, contributing and networking. Here are three tips to get you started.

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Build relationships in your industry to construct your success

Why even small connections can lead to business growth and how PR can get you there

In business, it’s easy to become trapped in your own little silo. You get so focused on building your company that you forget to be a part of your industry. With help from public relations, you can build more relationships in your field.

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4 ways to position yourself as a thought leader

It’s all about content, engagement and PR

Becoming a thought leader in a specific industry requires strategic actions to get your voice/contributions out into the public. Whether you want your connections on LinkedIn to turn to you for expertise or you want the industry at large to be wowed by your work, there are plenty of ways to position yourself as an industry thought leader.

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The top 5 mistakes executives make in business

PR tips for handling routine business and crisis errors

“To err is human,” according to Alexander Pope. But accepting that mistakes will happen is one of the biggest challenges top executives identify in their personal improvement plans.

Having a great team in place is the first step in handling mistakes, and public relations professionals provide rapid response to do the heavy lifting during the good times and the bad. Even if you aren’t certain of the cause of a crisis or the potential solution, responding in a professional (and fiscally appropriate) manner maintains your company’s reputation.

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Why isn’t your company winning awards?

8 reasons your award entries aren’t working

Entering and subsequently winning awards for your company is a definite morale booster for your employees, and there are many other benefits too. However, what if you are entering your company into various awards and you just aren’t winning?

There are a number of reasons your company may not be earning the recognition or awards you believe it deserves. We compiled a list of our top eight issues that may be impeding your company from winning awards.

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How to create business relationships online

Making and keeping happy customers

One of the key parts of the digital age when it comes to PR is creating relationships between consumers and your business. By establishing a relationship, you create a bond that not only makes it more likely that customers will purchase from you again, you also set a good precedent that encourages your customers to refer your company to others interested in similar products. Customers can also help your business by providing the vital data and feedback you need to improve the customer experience.

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Messaging platforms: What they are and how to create one

Messaging platforms contain sound bites of critical information that spokespeople repeatedly convey to both differentiate and cement facts. They consist of key points to be repeated in every interview, speech and conversation so that those points are united with the brand name in the minds of all who listen.

But how does one create a messaging platform and what is its purpose for organizations that wish to leverage one? To create a messaging platform, we offer a handful of tips to kick-start the process.

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What is MediaSignal?

Track and understand your media coverage to determine impact and grow your brand

Do you wish there was a better way to monitor and track your company’s media hits and mentions? Well, you’re in luck, because now there is. Axia Public Relations offers MediaSignal, a service that clips your media citations and measures your share of voice in the media.

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6 unbelievable tricks to measure your PR campaign results

Understanding what didn't work in your public relations campaigns is just as important as understanding what did work. Measuring your outcomes will help you to understand which goals were not met, which aspects of your campaign were on target and which efforts did not result in the type of coverage you planned for. Here are six tips and tricks you can use to measure your PR campaign results to achieve your business objectives.

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Top 5 ethical concerns in measuring PR efforts

Practicing ethical public relations is a key step to building your business credibility and long-term successful relations with your target audience. However, ethical concerns do not extend only to the implementation of your PR efforts, but also to the measuring and representing of your PR success. Here are the top five ethical concerns for measuring your PR efforts:

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