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Your company may be only one crisis away from disaster

Use the Axia PR crisis communication e-book to prepare yourself

If your company experienced a major catastrophe and your phones were ringing off the hook with reporters demanding answers and information, would you know what to do? Your customers and other key stakeholders would also be waiting to see how you respond. What’s the best way to address their concerns, remain truthful  and still protect your brand?

When a crisis hits, you won’t have time to pontificate. You will need to know best practices and take decisive action. With the free Axia PR e-book Managing Public Relations in a Crisis, you can better prepare yourself to hit the ground running.

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Is your public relations firm committing a media fail?

In media relations, use a sharp shooter, not a shotgun

To benefit our amazing clients, we recently invested in professional development by sitting in on a webinar called “Mass Pitching - Smart Strategy or Massive Mistake” to sharpen our media-pitching skills. You might be surprised to know that some reporters call out public relations professionals on social media for connecting with them poorly.

One of the many added benefits of hiring a PR firm is its ongoing relationships with members of the media and the firm’s ability to earn news media coverage on your company’s behalf. As a public relations firm specializing in national PR campaigns, Axia Public Relations diligently works to establish relationships with reporters in our clients’ various industries in order to avoid a common mistake in the profession: mass media-pitching.

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Don’t fly solo when a team can net you more success

Why a PR firm is a great inbound marketing partner

Traditionally, the sales, PR and marketing functions haven’t always gotten along. There are squabbles over budget dollars, arguments over territory and confusion about who can claim success for various initiatives. Now, with inbound marketing, all that can change.

Inbound marketing represents a new way of selling and conducting your business online. It involves engaging your target audiences, building relationships and making more conversions by using the right kind of value-added content. A PR firm can make this process much easier.

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Don’t let inadequate PR slow your company’s success

Use this Axia PR e-book for advice on how to fire your PR firm

Business mogul Donald Trump tells some unlucky individual, “You’re fired!” each week on his reality show Celebrity Apprentice. For the rest of us, firing someone isn’t always that easy. It can be even more difficult to fire your PR firm.

Fortunately, Axia PR can help with our free e-book How to Fire Your PR Firm. If things just aren’t working out with your current PR firm, download it today to use as a guide.

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