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3 ways buyer personas are essential for PR

Learn how buyer personas make it easier than ever to target customers

These days, companies can’t survive with only a vague understanding of what kinds of customers they want. Consumers want to be catered to, and when you’re working in PR, you need to understand not only what customers want, but also what drives them. This allows PR experts like those at Axia Public Relations to predict what customers want and adjust the message accordingly.

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Why measure PR efforts?

4 reasons you should pay attention to metrics

Any well-crafted public relations campaign has many steps from beginning to end, and measurement and evaluation are critical elements. Sometimes, businesses underestimate the value of the measurement step or dismiss it altogether. Why do you need to measure your PR efforts?

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3 ways to keep customers happy

The value of a repeat customer

Running a business involves many elements, chief among which is keeping your repeat customers. Since they have sought your services before to fulfill a need, it’s likely that they’ll seek out your services or products again, whether it’s right after their first purchase or a few months down the road.

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4 things the media wish companies knew about pitching

Get your story to the right person at the right time

Successfully pitching the media is one of the most important tasks a PR company can perform for its clients. Through a pitch, a PR firm can ensure that the media publishes a client’s story and that many people read it.

Despite the importance of the practice, the companies that hire PR firms to pitch often know very little about the process itself. It is important for client companies to also understand the process so that they can help fine-tune the PR firm’s pitches in order to get better results.

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Do you know the top 5 rules for how to talk with customers?

PR tips to make your company a communications star

We all have personal anecdotes about poor customer service and businesses behaving badly. A business needs customers to like and trust it enough to make a purchase, so why do so many get it wrong? Often, the problem starts with simply the way employees talk with customers.

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Use public speaking to build your brand, credibility and sales

Make points, friends and profits with this often forgotten tool

You have been invited to speak at an industry or community event and you are declining the invitation … again. Well, you might change your mind once you understand how public speaking can build your company’s brand, credibility and sales.

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The true value of earned media and PR

Learn the benefits of positive news coverage for your company

So, you are ready to hire a PR firm. However, like many companies, you may be unsure of exactly what a PR agency can do for you. Some of the biggest benefits come in the form of increased visibility, a boost in name recognition and improving your reputation. PR can do all those things by securing earned media.

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Financial services companies: Stepping up your PR game

4 ways you can build your brand and attract new customers

Money is a sensitive but critical topic to most people. In order to build strong brands, businesses in the financial services industry must earn trust from their prospective customers. Below are four ways financial services companies can establish trusting relationships with their target audience and grow their businesses.

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What is an impression and can it help your company?

Use PR to find the best measurement methods for improved visibility and success

You may hear your marketing, public relations or social media teams talk about impressions, but what exactly are they? More importantly, how can they affect your company’s strategic plan and bottom line?

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How to write a press release headline

Weak headlines and first paragraphs are deal-breakers

You need strong headlines and clear opening paragraphs. News coverage is important: According to Starch Research, a news story has six times the readership and three times the credibility of an advertisement. The right PR agency can secure you the media coverage you need to grow your business and your bottom line.

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