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Axia Public Relations releases its list of the top PR goofs in 2014

No business wants to deal with a PR crisis. In today’s instant-news world, a mistake or blunder can swiftly tarnish a hard-earned, respected reputation. In 2014, there was no shortage of PR gaffes, and most were avoidable. Axia Public Relations developed a list of the top 2014 preventable PR disasters that prove that even the largest, most well known corporations are not goof-proof.

A common theme in this year’s list of major PR goofs is the mishandling of social media. Three major players: DiGiorno, a subsidiary of Nestlé, Oreo, owned by Nabisco, and transportation leader DHL all bungled their use of social networking service Twitter in 2014. By using less-than-savvy tactics and little forethought, all three corporations outraged consumers with insensitive and outrageous tweets. The takeaway: Because of the instantaneous and widespread nature of social media, it is critical that companies use extreme care when posting to social media outlets.

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You’re building a business, but what about your brand?

Let PR help you lay a foundation for this crucial enterprise

Take a moment to think about the products and services you love. Now, ask yourself why you love them, why you’re loyal to them and what you know about them.

Most likely, the names that came to mind are those you’ve used for a long time, that have a good track record for customer service and that add something to your life. All of these things are related to branding, and those companies have worked hard to develop a positive perception of their products for target audiences. You can do the same for your company if you know and understand the principles of branding.

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Don’t fear the PR contract

Learn more about what to look for to make smart decisions concerning PR expertise

So, you want to increase your positive news coverage, improve your reputation and be sure that you’re ready for any crisis. It sounds like you’re ready to get assistance from a PR firm. But not so fast: Deciding to hire a PR agency can be a big step.

However, before any work can begin, a contract has to be approved and signed. This part of the process can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be when you know the facts.

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Give your news maximum reach with news wires

Learn the purpose and function of a news wire

When you’re ready to hire a PR firm, more often than not, it’s for increased media exposure. During times like this, many terms and phrases are tossed around and it can easily get confusing. It’s important to understand the purpose of and differences between various news wires and how they can help you achieve your goals.

While this is all fine and dandy, for most companies, the bottom line is ... well, the bottom line. You need to know what various services cost and what you’re getting for your money. Being able to distinguish between PR tools like AP Newswire, PR Newswire, PR Web and other news distribution services will help make sure you’re speaking the same language when it comes to purchasing PR agency services.

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