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Use PR to open heartstrings and purse strings

Posted by Lisa Goldsberry, August 21, 2014

Mixing conventional and adventurous communication tactics may be the key

When was the last time you were convinced to change your mind? Chances are, it probably wasnt done through some long, boring research paper or someone just talking to you for hours on end.

In business, changing hearts and minds is something we strive for every day. You must convince customers to choose your company over a competitor, to trust you enough for repeat business and believe so strongly in your product that they eventually become brand ambassadors.

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Is your company “killin’ it?”

Posted by Lisa Goldsberry, August 19, 2014

Use PR to, like, learn how to take advantage of Instagram to reach a younger demographic

According to a recent study, Instagram is the social network of choice for the tweens and teens of today. Another survey ranked this popular application as having the most engaged users. This shift has occurred only in the past year or so and puts Instagram ahead of Twitter and the no-longer-cool Facebook.

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Calling for guest bloggers

Posted by Axia Public Relations, August 18, 2014

We are looking for experienced public relations professionals who are also great writers to guest-write for our high-traffic PR blog. This is a great way to build your personal brand and thought-leadership skills in the public relations industry.

We are seeking a savvy wordsmith to join our blogging team as a guest blogger. Articles must address one topic and one topic only per post. Topics will be quickly and easily approved by us in advance, based on our clear and reasonable guidelines of target audiences and preferred topics/direction.

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If you’re reading this on the go, how do we look?

Posted by Lisa Goldsberry, August 15, 2014

Let PR show you how to take advantage of mobile technology to reach today’s consumer

When people are at work (or supposed to be working), relaxing at home, traveling or spending quality time with family and friends, they are frequently online, more and more on mobile devices. Is your company ready?

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