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4 proven ways working with influencers will strengthen your leadership status

Engage with the right audience to become an expert in your field

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where you build relationships with powerful people in your industry, thus creating visibility for your product or service. This approach focuses on individual people who can influence many other people far better than any advertising or content marketing you can produce. The audience sees these influencers as trusted sources of information. If you and the influencer are a good fit, some of his or her followers might join your audience as well.

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Is your company ready for a website crisis?

3 ways Macy’s effectively handled its Black Friday virtual traffic jam

According to data collected by Adobe Digital Insights, Black Friday sales hit a record $3.34 billion in e-commerce. This marked the first time sales surpassed $3 billion. Successful companies know they must provide an optimum online shopping experience for consumers (75 percent of worldwide shoppers will abandon a company’s site if it’s buggy, slow or prone to crashes) and that includes preparing months in advance for the busiest shopping days of the year.

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How to retain and delight your customers

Public relations strategies for retaining customers and knocking their socks off

We know that it costs more to find a new customer than to keep a customer you already have. But knowing just how to retain customers can be a mystery, unless you use the power of public relations.

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Talking the talk: 3 reasons why media interviews are essential

Learn why news releases aren’t enough to truly engage with the media

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Are Black Friday campers just a PR stunt?

You see it every year: news stories about people camping out early to be the first recipients of Black Friday shopping deals.

It may surprise you to learn that some of these people are decoys, paid by stores or manufacturers to generate buzz for their products.

This is a public relations and marketing tactic that companies have used for years, and is it right for your company? Is it a scam?

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3 factors executives should consider before making political statements about Trump (or anyone else)

When executives voluntarily engage in hot topics trending in the media, particularly politics, they sometimes forget that their positions are not bully pulpits or soapboxes.

Often, dangerous roads lie ahead for alienating customers, stockholders and employees.

In cases where emotions run high and trigger a public reaction before public relations processes can be helpful, PR teams frequently find themselves rebounding from derision instead of working to promote success.

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Webinars, white papers and websites, oh my!

Let PR guide you on the road from attraction to conversion with the right tools at the right time

You blog, send emails and craft the best content and calls to action for your website. But are you using all the tools available? Are you making good use of them at the right time?

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How to recover from a spokesperson mistake

Learn from slip-ups, pick up the pieces and move on with help from PR

In the midst of a crisis, your CEO says something insensitive. During a media interview, a top executive mistakenly talks about a project you weren’t ready to discuss yet. Mistakes by a company spokesperson happen all the time. It’s how you handle them that defines your company and makes the difference between a minor error and a major mess.

To inform the public about your company, you must put yourself out there. The more you do, the bigger the potential for missteps. Learn these public relations tips and techniques to decrease the chances of a mistake happening to your company.

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Pitch perfect: Fall in love with your pitch

When pitch fatigue is imminent, try these tips to reboot

Anyone that has worked in public relations knows well that pitching the media is an acquired skill. Whether it’s for an automobile or printer or service such as a virtual front office, designing a pitch that internally compels you is a necessary first step – because if you love it, your genuine interest will serve to engage others.

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How to convince your CEO that media coaching is valuable

3 tactful ways to help top executives improve their communications skills

How often do you think a CEO will admit discomfort when dealing with press? Not often, given that successful executives want to project their keen knowledge and experience in business or leadership. But frequently, they are not communications experts. Because of this, many public relations professionals will find themselves frustrated when CEOs or key executives decline media coaching.

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