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Don’t lose your money on the big game

Learn how investing in PR instead of Super Bowl ads can increase profitability

Apple’s “1984,” Clint Eastwood hawking Chryslers and the game MVP announcing his plans to go to Disneyworld could go down in history as some of the best Super Bowl commercials ever. And, for about 5 million dollars, your company could also grab a 30-second piece of the pie.

For those of you who would rather not spend that much money on bathroom breaks, fear not. You can save a few million and turn to PR for visibility and brand-building.

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9 steps to earn media coverage

Your company is ready to take it to the next level and now you’re looking for ways to make sure others know about your company, too. Media coverage is one way to gain great exposure. We’d like to offer some tips on the best ways to share your news by earning media coverage.

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Target’s latest PR blunder

Understanding the ripple effect of a bad business decision

After a massive data breach, a failed expansion into Canada and increasing negativity from employees, Target's recent decision to rescind the job offers of dozens of new corporate hires was the latest in a string of blunders plaguing the big-box retail store. Target recently opted to terminate 40 of its newest team members within two weeks of their expected start date – with no explanation, except that their positions were no longer available.

The Minneapolis-based, mammoth retailer should have anticipated the potential repercussions of such a decision before dismantling 40 corporate jobs without explanation. This latest flub has brought about a flurry of negative media scrutiny and speculation concerning Target’s financial performance and a potential class-action lawsuit. And worst of all, Target is sending a message that its employees (and its reputation) aren't valued.

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PR: The art and science of creating great media lists

This may be the most important list you can make for a more profitable year

Your company has a big announcement or event coming up and you want everyone to know about it, so you create a terrific press release and develop your best pitch. Now what?

Whom you send your press releases to is as important as what you send. To make sure you’re targeting the right journalists for your message, you must do your homework and generate a media list. Of course, this is easier said than done, but fortunately, PR can help.

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