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Defining a corporate crisis

Prepare for the worst so you perform at your best

Consumers are irrational. It’s part of the thrill of doing business: seeing if your company can decipher the right combination of wants versus needs and create an optimum strategy for pricing products for maximum profit.

Businesses generally have policies or processes to handle expected variables such as low inventory, staff illnesses or a new product launch. Rarely, however, are companies in the mindset to pre-identify triggers that would help them recognize when events start drifting outside of the realm of normal operations.

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10 rules for media pitching success

Get more positive news coverage with help from PR

When it comes to gaining a foothold with journalists, you may feel like everyone else has the key to unlock the door but you. The truth is there are tips and techniques to make it easier. With these 10 rules – and help from public relations – you can increase your chances for attaining news coverage and increasing your visibility.



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4 ways to improve your online rankings

The right words paint the best picture

When you want to say exactly the right thing, you spend a lot of time thinking about it.  Selecting the best words is crucial in delivering the appropriate message. Words and phrases take priority in the algorithm that search engines use to pull the best content to the top of results lists, but inappropriate use actually lowers rankings.

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Grow your customer base with thought leadership

Learn how to use your knowledge to increase profits and advance your brand

Getting consumers to notice your company and trust you enough to make a purchase are the keys to growing your customer base. Everyone knows that. What is less clear is exactly how you go about attracting (and keeping) more customers.

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5 tips for managing crises in the age of instant gratification

Nowadays, it seems that everyone wants to know everything as soon as possible. This culture of instant gratification pervades everything from social media and internet gossip channels to the national news networks. It has even intruded upon the business environment.

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Should you ban social networks at your company?

How your decision will affect your online success

A staff member takes to social media to complain about your customers after a particularly stressful day at work. It seems that your employees spend more time checking their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online dating sites than they do on work. With such a huge potential for disaster, you may be ready to ban social networks at your company altogether.

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Is brevity the soul of a public relations campaign?

As the Bard once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” But, is this the case when it comes to a public relations campaign? Of course a company wants to have its story told, but it must also be done in a time- and cost-effective way. So, our answer to the question posed is a resounding yes. Brevity is the soul of the PR campaign.

Now for the bad news: Creating a brief but engaging PR piece takes imagination and time. It is not usually something that business owners feel comfortable with or are compelled to do. Instead, they would like to concentrate on other business matters – ones closer to their hearts, like gaining new customers or improving the bottom line.

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How to pitch Wired magazine

If you’re trying to stay on the cutting edge of technology, you read Wired magazine. Wired is one of today’s most popular technology magazines and is a trusted source of information about the latest innovative technologies.

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How to keep a PR client for a lifetime

8 ways to avoid common pitfalls and maintain a strong relationship

The partnership between a company and its public relations agency is one of the most important connections in business. It is how a company shares messages, increases visibility and builds its brand.

Having to constantly find a new PR agency can be a time-sucking nightmare for a company. It’s better for everyone to develop longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships. Keeping a PR client for a lifetime is not easy, but if everyone works together, it can be done. You just have to know these eight dos and don’ts. 


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4 ways your company may be incorrectly handling online reviews

Reviews are real, influential and online forever; so let PR show you how to make the best of them

There are now more than 500 review sites online. It’s a pretty sure bet that the public is rating your company on more than one of them. Are you handling your company’s online reviews in the most advantageous and effective way?

With more and more people researching and shopping online, review sites have quickly become a powerful indicator for the performance of your brand. Whether it’s a star- or points-related review or a paragraphs-long discourse about the advantages/disadvantages of your product, consumers are increasingly using these reviews to make final purchasing decisions. Therefore, it’s imperative that you manage online reviews correctly. Here are four mistakes you may be making in handling your online customer reviews.


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