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How social media enhances content

How media networks draw the public in

Within the last decade, businesses around the globe have turned to social media outlets to publish content and to promote their brands, products and services. Social media is an extremely effective and efficient way to spread direct information to a global population in real time. HubSpot’s Inbound Certification Course explains how companies can use social media to ultimately gain more customers.

According to HubSpot, an astounding 70 percent of the world’s Internet population is active on social media. These days, business prospects spend more of their free time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ than they do shopping in a store or searching the Internet. That is why it is crucial for businesses to embrace this technological shift and use social media to their advantage.

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How important is it to monitor Glassdoor?

Why you need to keep track of what they’re saying about you on this vital site

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The essentials of email in marketing

Why sending the right email to the right person still matters

Have you heard anyone recently say “email is dead,” “all marketing emails are spam,” or other similar phrases? If so, let me tell you that email is not dead and is in fact still a very important factor in successful inbound marketing. Many traditional marketers have long used and abused email’s purpose by sending obnoxious messages to people who don’t want to receive them and who have learned how to tune them out. Nevertheless, email can still be extremely effective if marketers use proper inbound strategies to send the right email to the right person.

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Post the right content on the right platform

How to properly use social media channels

Companies that use social media properly distribute content to their consumers differently, depending on the platform. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to share content through a LinkedIn post in the same manner you would in a tweet.

Each social media outlet has a different audience with a specific agenda. While LinkedIn and Google+ are targeted at much more professional audiences, Facebook and Twitter are far more casual.

By using each of the four major social media outlets appropriately, businesses can most effectively reach their target buyer personas.

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