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4 common blogging mistakes

Learn PR techniques to get the most out of your company blog 

You spend a great amount of staff time and energy focusing on your company blog. Are your blogs getting the results you expected? Skillful blogging helps drive traffic to your website, convert leads and establish authority. Unfortunately, too many companies get it wrong, missing out on the advantages of this invaluable tool in the process. Read on to learn the most common mistakes companies make with their blogs and how you can use public relations tools and techniques to ensure that you are making the best use of yours.

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Who has time to read blogs anyway?

Why blogging is worth it for your company

Creating blog content takes time. First, you must create a plan for content. Then, you have to research and write the content. After that, you need to research or create images to accompany your content. Finally, you should promote the content via social media. When thinking about all of the steps needed for great blog content, it may be tempting to put your blog on the back burner. After all, your prospective readers are likely as busy as you are. So if you’re questioning who has time to read blogs, consider the power of SEO and people who are searching for content from trusted experts.

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Use PR to create content that moves customers to action

Turn leads into customers by inspiring and motivating them

You have plenty of visitors come to your website each month. Now, what do you want them to do once they’re there? Getting visitors to your website is only half the battle. It takes the right content to move a prospect from lead to customer. That requires public relations.

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Webinars, white papers and websites, oh my!

Let PR guide you on the road from attraction to conversion with the right tools at the right time

You blog, send emails and craft the best content and calls to action for your website. But are you using all the tools available? Are you making good use of them at the right time?

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Are your inbound marketing practices ethical?

Use PR to get it right

You have optimized your website with strong calls to action and landing pages, you blog and are active on social media and send well-crafted emails. Yes, your inbound marketing practices are in full swing. But, are you using them ethically?

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How to create business relationships online

Making and keeping happy customers

One of the key parts of the digital age when it comes to PR is creating relationships between consumers and your business. By establishing a relationship, you create a bond that not only makes it more likely that customers will purchase from you again, you also set a good precedent that encourages your customers to refer your company to others interested in similar products. Customers can also help your business by providing the vital data and feedback you need to improve the customer experience.

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5 reasons why blogging is so important

Creating content is one of the most important tasks inbound marketers handle. There are myriad kinds of content you can create to engage your customers. For example: e-books, social media posts, infographics, videos and blog posts, to name a few. Blogging is one of the most important of these.

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5 surefire content tips to boost your inbound marketing success

Attracting new visitors to your site is not always easy, but what’s even more difficult is to convert the visitors you do have into customers. Engaging your audience with captivating content is the best way to keep your customers coming back to your business. It’s important to keep in mind that not all content is created equal. It’s possible that your particular audience may be interested in different kinds of content than you are providing. Here are five tips to help you engage your audience and kickstart your inbound marketing strategy’s success.

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How PR professionals use video effectively at every stage of the sales cycle

Reel in more customers by enhancing your content strategy with video

The buyer’s journey is changing. With the popularity of online review sites and social media, prospective customers now travel through more than half of the traditional sales cycle before ever contacting your company. However, some aspects do remain constant. You still must generate leads, deliver exciting content and close the sale. Videos are a great tool that many PR professionals use effectively at each stage of the sale cycle – and so can you.

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Improve a low ROI in 6 simple steps

Getting an unsatisfactory response to your social media efforts can be frustrating. Low ROI – something like 50 likes over the course of an active social media campaign – is an indication that it’s time to make certain social media strategy changes.

Any company can generate better ROI with these simple and effective steps:



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