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The ultimate guide to determining how often to post on Facebook

How often should your company post on Facebook? This is one of the most common social media questions businesses ask. It’s a good one, too, considering that thousands of stories make it to your followers’ Facebook feeds. Does that mean that posting more frequently will help your company reach more people? Or will more posts simply annoy your followers and lead them to block you?

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Using LinkedIn to expand your brand

Content is not just content; it’s king

LinkedIn is the powerhouse platform for busy professionals looking to connect with one another. Unlike some of the other social media sites, you won’t find your LinkedIn news feed filled with cute photos of your friends’ children, food videos and memes. But what you will find are entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CEOs, financial professionals and many others sharing posts related to their industries.

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4 reasons to manage social media in-house

Benefits may not outweigh outsourcing social media

Your marketing and communications department may rely on various public relations companies. PR agencies provide businesses with critical social media support, creativity and connections. However, social media, when managed or co-managed internally, may offer many additional benefits.

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Top 5 mistakes brands are making on Twitter

Avoid these missteps to use Twitter to its full advantage

You’ve consulted with experts and dedicated a staff member to handle social media. The company Facebook page looks phenomenal and your LinkedIn articles get viewed and shared periodically. You post to Twitter also, but are you sure you’re doing it correctly?

Some social media sites, like Google+, are easily adaptable for businesses. Others, like Twitter, can be more complicated, and it’s easy for companies to make reputation-crushing mistakes. Learn the right (and wrong) ways to use Twitter for brand recognition and consumer engagement.

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How to write content for each buyer persona in every stage of the buyer's journey

Knowing what stage you are writing for will help you close deals faster

Who are your customers? How and when did they learn about you? What made them decide to give you their business instead of going to your competition? If you answered “I’m not sure” or “It was just dumb luck,” then you need to stop guessing and take control of your buyer personas and the content they receive from you.

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6 social media mistakes to avoid to keep your audience engaged

Engaging with your community online is one of the key objectives of any social media strategy. Of course, your chief goal is to turn your followers into clients and customers. For that, you need to keep them interested and engaged in your content. Every business is unique and has its own ways of engaging with followers. However, there are a few social media strategies that are mistakes in any niche.

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5 things PR firms lie about

Knowing more about how PR agencies work can help to improve your relationship with them

The PR profession works hard to disassociate itself from words like scheming, deceitful and dishonest. Still, you should know there are some things that PR firms lie about.

Of course, most PR firms don’t intentionally set out to lie, but even the ethical ones sometimes get caught up in the excitement of getting and keeping clients and communications issues can result. However, once you understand the nature of these lies, you can make more informed decisions when it is time to hire your next PR firm (or fire your current one).

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How to get more traffic to your website using your content

The seven-step ultimate guide

Driving traffic is one of the key goals of any social media strategy. Businesses strive to attract more people to their websites in order to increase their client databases. To do that, you must produce high-quality content. Valuable content also increases your visibility on search engines.

Here are seven key ways you can use your content to drive traffic to your website.

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You have a content marketing plan … now what?

Tips to implement your content marketing plan and grow your company

Marketers and PR professionals have been buzzing about content marketing for a few years now. The benefits from content marketing are vast, demonstrating that it’s a valuable tool and not just a trend that will disappear. Having a content marketing strategy can increase inbound traffic, engagement and lead generation, among countless other benefits.

So how do you finally get in the content marketing game in 2016?

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5 more ways to create blog post topics

When used regularly and wisely, blogs are useful tools for driving two-way communication with audiences. Over the years, Axia Public Relations’ team members have fielded questions about the relevance of blogs and whether businesses should even bother, given concerns surrounding time investment and lack of topics. In short, it’s important to view your blog as an active extension of your business. To help with content creation, we’re sharing another short list of ideas to inspire blog neophytes.

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