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Who has time to read blogs anyway?

By Julie Miller

This is one story on the value of blogging. Read how 5 reasons blogging is important, why you should care about blogging, 4 ways blogging can improve your PR efforts, 3 overlooked reasons to blog, and how blogging can attract customers for more.


20718735_s.jpgWhy blogging is worth it for your company

Creating blog content takes time. First, you must create a plan for content. Then, you have to research and write the content. After that, you need to research or create images to accompany your content. Finally, you should promote the content via social media. When thinking about all of the steps needed for great blog content, it may be tempting to put your blog on the back burner. After all, your prospective readers are likely as busy as you are. So if you’re questioning who has time to read blogs, consider the power of SEO and people who are searching for content from trusted experts.

How blogs impact SEO

As you write more blog posts, you are adding more indexed pages to your website, providing more opportunities for your content to show up in search engines. When your company appears in search engines, you organically drive more traffic to your website (without spending a dime!). As you plan your content and write your posts, be sure to consider keywords and phrases your target audience may be searching and integrate those words into your content.

How blogs create leads and sales opportunities
When people find your blog content through search engines, it provides an opportunity for them to engage with your company via your website. While they may be learning something from your blog, they also have quick access to other information – such as your services list, catalog and contact information. When planning your blog, ensure that the readers have opportunities to engage with your company further. For instance, integrate call-to-action buttons and lead-generating forms within your page design.

According to Hubspot,

○ 55% of companies that blog get more Web visitors that those that don’t
○ 70% of companies that blog get more Web leads that those that don’t
○ 57% of companies that blog get customers from their blogs.

How blogs establish your company as a thought-leader

When you answer questions that prospective leads have via your blog, you establish a level of authority for your company. This boosts your audience’s perception of you so that when they have future questions, they will come to you for answers – and perhaps do business with you in the future. When planning your content, make sure you are in tune with the questions and needs of your audience. When writing your content, think about educating them, not selling to them.

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juliemiller-1.pngJulie Miller is a marketing and communications professional with more than seven years of experience in the industry. She specializes in technology, digital marketing and communications. Julie has worked for Axia Public Relations since November 2015. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.



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