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How do you measure PR?

The return on investment for media coverage can also be determined. Read more.


5 ways you can evaluate your PR efforts

Is your public relations campaign working? There are many tactics you can use to measure the effectiveness of your PR efforts. Here are five methods to determine if your campaign is successful.

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Why measure PR efforts?

4 reasons you should pay attention to metrics

Any well-crafted public relations campaign has many steps from beginning to end, and measurement and evaluation are critical elements. Sometimes, businesses underestimate the value of the measurement step or dismiss it altogether. Why do you need to measure your PR efforts?

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What’s the difference between PR and advertising?

3 key ways public relations and advertising differ in their benefits to a business

Those who aren’t working in public relations or advertising may not be familiar with what sets the two fields apart. While both are meant to help brands thrive, each has different roles. PR, achieved largely through earned media, helps build a brand by offering a level of authenticity that paid media advertisements cannot provide. Advertising helps support the brand by reiterating messages and graphics that help the public recognize the brand and its benefits.

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Return on investment for beginners

As a marketer, you do your best to use multiple channels to get your content in front of your target audiences. Some efforts will yield fantastic results; others will not work out so well, and you need to know which ones are bringing in customers. Once you’ve gathered that information and analyzed your metrics, you can determine your return on investment.

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How to write an effective PR plan

10 elements of a successful plan to help you reach your goals

According to well-known time management author Alan Lakein, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” You can apply this concept to many endeavors, including writing a PR plan. But how do you write a PR plan? More importantly, how do you write an effective and successful PR plan?

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6 ways to find the right charity for your company to support

Giving to charitable causes is big business. Corporate giving, according to Giving USA, totaled $17.77 billion in 2014, an increase of 13.7 percent over 2013. It’s a system of sound business practices that guides this flow of revenue, which, in many ways, holds the nonprofit sector under closer scrutiny than corporate America. Recently, allegations surfaced about overindulgent spending at the Wounded Warrior Project. In light of these accusations, how can a company ensure that its donated money will be responsibly spent on the programs it wants to support?

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7 steps to working effectively with your PR firm

Start the relationship on the right foot for your company’s success and profitability

What it takes for businesses to excite customers and attract top-quality talent has changed a lot in recent years. As a result, many companies have turned to public relations firms to help meet these needs. Indeed, hiring a PR firm for your company can deliver amazing outcomes, but only when you work together effectively.

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