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Why measure PR efforts?

By Yulia Dianova

4 reasons you should pay attention to metrics


11987204_s.jpgAny well-crafted public relations campaign has many steps from beginning to end, and measurement and evaluation are critical elements. Sometimes, businesses underestimate the value of the measurement step or dismiss it altogether. Why do you need to measure your PR efforts?


  1. Validate your PR efforts for achieving your organization’s objectives.

Absence of measurement leads to misinterpretation of your company’s performance. Marketing and PR practitioners need to demonstrate the value of PR activities in achieving business objectives.

  1. Make adjustments and corrections.

Sometimes not everything planned during the initial stages of the campaign is working. As you implement your campaign, some factors and circumstances change. Some parts of the campaign are less effective than other parts. Or perhaps something is not working at all. Measurement and evaluation help you to identify those elements and make necessary adjustments and corrections in your PR campaign to achieve better results.

  1. Plan for the future.

Measurement allows you to assess your past performances to plan your future strategies. It is critical for planning budgets and setting key performance indicators.

  1. Eliminate confusion and misinterpretation.

People are exposed to diverse media and many messages on a daily basis. Armed with accurate and collected data, you can provide explanation and reasoning in any situation, should confusion or misinterpretation happen. This is particularly important in times of reputation and business image crises.


How Axia PR measures PR efforts and success.


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It is vital that you understand that measuring your PR efforts is a critical part of your campaign. It will help you to plan for the future, better identify and gauge your target audience and achieve your business objectives.

Axia Public Relations’ professionals know how to incorporate measurement into your business strategy to help you reach and exceed your goals. Download our e-book Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment to extend the reach of your PR efforts.

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Yulia.jpgYulia Dianova is a public relations professional who is skilled in building relationships with target audiences. She provides counsel to organizations that seek PR help to further their growth and reach their goals. Yulia earned a master’s degree in public relations management from University of Maryland University College. She is fluent in Russian and English and is always looking for a new challenge. Yulia has worked for Axia Public Relations since July 2015. Learn more about Yulia Dianova. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.


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