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Lisa Goldsberry

Lisa Goldsberry Lisa Goldsberry is a writer for Axia Public Relations with more than 15 years of public relations experience. She specializes in business, higher education and technology PR. Lisa has worked for Axia Public Relations since December 2013. Learn more about Lisa Goldsberry. Read Lisa's recent blog posts below.

Recent Posts:

How to appear on Undercover Boss

Axia Public Relations answers your questions about the Emmy award-winning program

Each week, millions of people tune in to watch the hit CBS reality show Undercover Boss, where heads of corporations don disguises to find out what’s really going on at their companies. If you’ve watched the program and secretly wished to get your company or boss on the show, read on to learn how to go about it.

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7 tips for developing your key messages

Enhance customer relationships and control communications with key messages for your company

Suppose you find yourself in an elevator with an important stakeholder in your industry or city. Surprisingly, he notices your company logo on something you’re carrying and asks you to tell him about your company. What will you say?

If you’ve developed key messages about your company, the above situation shouldn’t be stressful. If you haven’t created such messages, enlist a public relations firm for help.

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Why most trade show exhibits fail

4 ways to ensure a successful trade show

Having an exhibit in a trade show can enhance your company’s lead generation, increase brand awareness and reinforce customer relationships. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t understand how to make the most of their participation in trade shows and miss terrific opportunities for growth.

There are more than 10,000 trade shows every year with millions of attendees and exhibitors who pay up to $60,000 and much much more for booth displays, installation and travel. If you aren’t using public relations to maximize your trade show participation, you’ll be wasting your time, money and opportunities for prospects.

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If you were a journalist, what questions would you ask your company?

5 tips to ensure you give media what they really want and earn positive coverage

William Shakespeare wrote, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” When it comes to getting media coverage for your company, the question should be: What will the journalist ask, and am I prepared to give a great answer?

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Does your company have a brand ambassador program?

You could be missing key opportunities to build a fan base and ignite a movement around your brand

The ability to create and develop an exceptional brand is what separates companies that simply exist from those that are memorable. But what makes an outstanding brand? And how do you promote it? One vital tool is a brand ambassador program.

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5 reasons why DIY public relations is a mistake

Don’t underestimate the role of PR; trust the experts

On the internet, you can find do-it-yourself instructions for everything from making jewelry to building rockets. Television is filled with DIY home improvement, decorating and cooking ideas for intrepid go-getters. Still, one area where you should avoid DIY is public relations.

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5 ways PR can generate buzz for your business

Learn the importance of this elusive tactic and how you can get it

When you hear buzzing around a beehive, you know something exciting is going on. You can say the same for business. People tend to gather around wherever things are happening. That’s why it’s vital to generate buzz for your business – and public relations can help.

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Why should my company care about blogging?

4 reasons you should use this critical PR tool

Research shows there are more than 150 million blogs in the world. Does your company have one of them? More importantly, should you really care?

Even when they do blog, some companies treat their blogs like many people treat a new car: exciting at first, but over time, they stop taking care of it. Once you understand the true benefits of blogging for your company, you’ll realize that you really can’t do without it.

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How companies with multiple locations can better manage media inquiries

Use PR to build a more unified, seamless media relations strategy for your organization

When your company has multiple locations, logistics can be a nightmare. Having different managers with the same titles performing similar tasks in several places can be a recipe for disaster. This is especially true when it comes to public relations, media and communications.

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Topics: Featured, Public Relations, Media Relations

Is your company’s FAQ page effective in driving your sales?

Don’t overlook this vital PR and marketing tool

Every company website has one: that ubiquitous frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. You may have wondered if customers are actually getting value from this content or if the page is just taking up space. Using public relations tools, there are ways to make your FAQ page work for you.

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