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If you're a boss... here's how to appear on Undercover Boss

By Lisa Goldsberry

i95467-678823-edited.jpgAxia Public Relations answers your questions about the Emmy award-winning program


Each week, millions of people tune in to watch the hit CBS reality show Undercover Boss, where heads of corporations don disguises to find out what’s really going on at their companies. If you’ve watched the program and secretly wished to get your company or your boss on the show, read on to learn how to do it.

Undercover Boss provides a great way for executives to see what’s happening on the front lines of their companies (the kind of information that doesn’t usually make it up the corporate chain) and make positive changes to improve areas like customer service and internal operations. The stakes can be huge, especially from a public relations standpoint, with opportunities for branding and increased visibility. With help from Axia Public Relations, you can join the ranks of Undercover Boss participants or discover other ways to enrich your business and profitability.


What do the Undercover Boss producers look for?


A willing boss, since that’s what the show is all about. You can’t nominate a boss to be on the program (sorry to all employees who think their boss is clueless and needs help).

Diversity is the name of the game. The show seeks varied ethnicities among bosses and employees, different industries, and assorted locations across the country.

All the right stuff, because the producers have numerous requirements, including the following:

  • Company has more than 500 employees.
  • Company has at least $100 million in revenue.
  • Boss must be a C-level member of the organization or near the most senior level.
  • Boss must be willing to give up approximately 10 days of his or her time for filming.
  • Company’s headquarters must be in the U.S.
  • Company must give $250,000 or more in rewards to at least five employees.

Show criteria are flexible if your company has a great story and your boss has a good reason for wanting to go undercover.


What are the benefits of appearing on Undercover Boss?

  • You have the chance to come down from your tower and truly understand how your company operates, which is invaluable.
  • You have the opportunity to give back and show your appreciation for the staff that helps make your company a success.
  • Your return on your investment is significant. There is no fee to participate; you’re only responsible for the $200,000 reward at the end of the show. This is approximately what it would cost to purchase two 30-second advertising spots during the show, but you will get considerably more visibility and esteem by appearing on the hour-long program.

How can Axia help?

Getting on Undercover Boss isn’t easy. It’s a long, involved process with numerous interviews, site visits, and time commitments. However, Axia provides several tools in our online store to make your chances more likely. Even if you don’t meet the show’s criteria, we can help with other ways for your company to reap the same type of benefits.

Axia Public Relations helps corporations and their CEOs attract the attention of television media to get this vital type of exposure. We’re also successful in getting bosses on shows like Undercover Boss.


We help companies get the bosses on the show.

  • We do not produce the show nor do we select the employees the show features.
  • If you have the influence in your company to help your boss get on the show, keep it a closely held secret and have the boss contact our company.

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