12 ways to get your mortgage company in the news, even during a recession

By Axia Public Relations

Get on the news to boost your mortgage company's PR efforts.Why is news coverage so great for a company?

Positive news coverage helps you improve your company’s reputation, and it places your company top of mind for new customers. Customers may not know about your company until they see news coverage about it. Then, you’re on their radar when it’s time to make a buying decision.

So how do mortgage companies get in the news?


After working with mortgage companies, I’ve found there are two main reasons why they fail to get news coverage:

No. 1: They don’t know how to spot newsworthy events.

No. 2: They don’t pitch their company the right way.

If you tried getting news coverage for your mortgage company and failed, chances are you’re making one of these two mistakes.

To help you find newsworthy events that attract the news media’s attention, I made an easy-to-review list that will jumpstart your news coverage.

If you see opportunities for media coverage in the list, email me, and we can talk about the next steps you need to take.

Here’s a list of 12 ways to get your mortgage company in the news.

  1. Research editorial calendars in industry publications, like Origination News and Mortgage Professional Magazine, for ways to add insight to upcoming articles and trends.

  2. Take a moment to review and submit for local, industry, and national awards for your company through your local business journal, industry trade media and business magazines, newspapers, websites, and other publications. There are a number of benefits of entering awards for your company.

  3. Don’t forget seasonal stories and opportunities. For example, more consumers are buying homes in the spring and summer, and you want to ensure your mortgage company shares news about trends prior to that selling season.

  4. Have you recently hired or promoted someone within your company? Share notable hirings and promotions with local business journals and news outlets and share your executive appointments and promotions with the industry news media.

  5. Create and promote community hiring days for specific groups of people: veterans, women, etc. This is especially important when your company plans to hire more than 50 jobs.

  6. Celebrate National Mortgage Brokers Day on July 18 by sharing tips with the news media. Make sure to submit your tips prior to that day (months ahead for a magazine and days ahead for other news outlets). You can also offer insight into a day in the life of a mortgage broker.

  7. Review your company’s recent blog and social media posts for topics you can use for pitching the media. (And if you’re not blogging, why not?)

  8. Think about your pipeline – are there any strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions on the horizon? These newsworthy items are great to share with the news media.

  9. Share your company’s charitable giving by distributing and submitting news briefs to the local community, business, and national industry trade media.

  10. Submit a bylined article, letter to the editor, or opinion column to an industry publication.

  11. Are there employees who have provided outstanding service? Perhaps as a veteran or within the community? Highlight their efforts and contributions. 

  12. Have multiple locations/branches? Share news from your headquarters to local communities using our Avalon system, where we dive into hyperlocal community news outlets. And don’t forget about what may be happening at your branches because media coverage shouldn’t rely only on what’s happening at HQ.

Were you able to find opportunities for news coverage with your mortgage company? Congratulations!

Don’t let these ideas go to waste. Let’s take action together and get your mortgage firm in the news.

If you’d like to speak with a PR expert, email me, Artemis Dimopoulou, at artemis@axiapr.co, and we can chat about where we go from here to get your mortgage company positive news coverage.


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