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Why does your company’s website need a privacy policy?

By Axia Public Relations

Embed your website’s privacy policy with better SEO and SERP and get rewarded by Google.


Someone typing on a computer.Consumer behaviors are constantly fluctuating online. Once a visitor lands on your website, they may perform various actions depending on their preferences. Most companies are inclined to focus on these gathered analytics of consumer behavior. While each web page has a different role to play, an integrated privacy policy could add an x-factor. 


A rigid privacy policy ensures all data collected is transparent while keeping the consumer informed. This helps build a mutual bond with your target audience based on trust and clarity.



Why does having a privacy policy matter?


Although privacy policies are drafted to maintain transparency with your consumer, it also lets you get perks from tech giant Google. Having a privacy policy builds up your trust with the company. If you’re planning to run sponsored ads in the future, Google recommends — and might even require — having a unique privacy policy as users trust a site more if these pages exist. 


Even if search engine algorithms do not have a specific target for these pages, they certainly pay attention to how happy users are with a site.


Google algorithms are quick to notice your elaborative privacy policies’ precise placements. It rewards your website with better search engine result rankings and increased service and product visibility.


What’s Google’s take on it?


Having a privacy policy always puts you on Google’s good side; however, it may also penalize your company if your brand fails to mention its privacy policy on the website explicitly. 


In some cases, it can also be treated as illegal, which you don’t want to happen. Excellent and consistent privacy policies bring credibility to your brand while also contributing to best SEO practices for your online presence, which further helps in higher search rankings!

At Axia Public Relations, a privacy policy is equally a trust factor and a marketing strategy. If you want your visitors to stop by your website and buy from you, a privacy policy is the key. Contact us at 888-PR-FIRM-8 to hire us to write your privacy policy.


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