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Unconventional Times Call for Unconventional Tactics

By Jason Mudd

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

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January 2022 – Let Your Creativity Fly For Better Results


A woman being creative on a computer.Brand marketers are learning to take an unconventional viewpoint in order to completely turn the tables in troubled waters. Merging traditional marketing methods infused with digital-centricity, brands of all sizes are pioneering bold turnarounds. This month, we explore how they’re doing it and the tools your organization might use to garner similar results.



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  1. Peloton’s Unconventional Reboot
  2. Inc. Magazine: Two 2022 Massively Disruptive Marketing Trends
  3. 60-Second Close: Turn Up the Creative Jets in 2022 for Great Results

1. Peloton’s Unconventional Reboot

  • Peloton faced a mountain of bad press just a few months ago with a slew of lawsuits, and now, they're the talk of the town with a clever campaign that started with a placement on the Sex and the City spinoff, “And Just Like That.”

  • Traditional actions like effective product placement can get exponential results and even launch a turnaround when paired with a clever social media strategy as in Peloton’s case.

  • Consider elevating your core strategy in Q1 with unconventional pairings like this example. News stories can accompany podcasts, influencers can talk up company awards, crises can become storylines – utilize the lemons you're given to make a fabulous lemon spritz to toast your success.

2. Inc. Magazine: Two 2022 Massively Disruptive Marketing Trends 

  • Inc. Magazine reports interactive content is showing huge promise over traditional text content because of the engagement factor. Think questionnaires, quizzes, and even augmented reality materials that let users interact on a deeper level. 

  • Conversational marketing is the other side of the content disruption with examples like personalized emails, live chats, and a video series to help users get answers faster.

  • When our team employs tactics like these, we’re focused on lead-converting marketing that’s centered around tracking and measuring to make sure trends produce tangible results.

3. 60-Second Close: Turn Up the Creative Jets in 2022 for Great Results

  • Creatively tying unconventional pairings like social strategy and crisis communications can turn even bad press into great exposure and become the one-two punch that skyrockets your brand’s reach in 2022. 

  • Adding depth to your content with trends like interactive content and conversational marketing can greatly improve engagement. Axia Public Relations can help get you started.

Looking to see how your brand can increase its relevance in 2022 and beyond? Our tools, insights, and experience can show you how to get there quicker than ever. Just ask me how we can help.

Be well,

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